South African Indian Council

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Minutes of the 5th Meeting of the Sub-Committee of the S.A,I.C., held on Tuesday 1 February 1977 in the Government Offices Stanger Street at 09h00, to consider the wage structure of Indians within the lower income group.
Letter from the South African Indian Council to Prof JJC Greyling
Letter from the clerk of the South African Indian Council
Statement of the South Indian Congress Delegation Viscount Wavell

His excellency field marshall the right honourable......

Report of deputation to J C Smuts

 President and members......

Resolution passed at the 22nd Conference of the South African Indian Congress held in Johannesburg – 19th, 20th and 21st October 1956

Apartheid, Freedom Charter, Women in the Struggle, Youth, Group Areas Act, International Situation, Suppression of the Communism Act, Police Intimidation

South African Indian Conference Draft Resolution

Twenty eight months of Nationalist Party rule....

South African Indian Conference Resolution

This South African Indian Conference constituted of the Natal Indian Organisation.


Asiatic Land Tenure Act of 1946

Various Amended Acts

General Summary of the amendments to the Asiatic Land Tenure Act of 1946 amended by Act 53/1949.

Asiatic Land Tenure Act of 1946

South African Indian Congress Resolutions

SAIC resolutions

South African Indian Council - Opening of SAIC conference 1950

Opening of SAIC conference

Speech : D U Mistry

Address: Dr J S Moroka

South African Indian Council - Correspondence

1. Death Of J H Hofmeyer

2. Conference

South African Indian Council Corresponce

Minty : 02-02-1950

Motion for Conference - 23-04-1943

Co-op with Non-White Organisations

South African Indian Council Correspondence

Cassim Amra  - Permit
Passive Resistance Council
All India Students Federation

South African Indian Council. Copy of letters

SAIC correspondence


Re: George Singh

India and Pakiistan Delegation

South African Indian Council and India Correspondence

Indian and UNO - Indian Delegation - Dr Dadoo and Dr Monty Naicker - 1948-1950

SAIC Correspondence Miscellaneous

Correspondences 1948-1949

Notes on the SAIC

Notes and Correspondences

South African Indian Council Financial Statements

Financial statements


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