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Apartheid & GAA, 1982-1985
New Constitution early days 1979

Newspaper, Miscellaneous, 1979.

Various press cuttings during 1980
Newspaper articles on Squatters: Cape Town - 1996 and 1997

Volunteer teacher Ms Cynthia Mbeki was the first to build a shack at the Polla Park squatter settlement- but she will...

SA political press cuttings

Press cuttings

Apartheid Group Areas Act

Transition - 1990-1994

Call for immediate release of leaders held by police - Grey Street quiet as traders protest

MORE than 600 people........

Natal Indian Congress to join ANC press cuttings 1989 to 1990

Press cuttings

Natal Indian Congress - 1983-1989

Newspaper Articles

NIC leaders in Detention - 1980-1981

Press articles

Natal Indian Congress demonstration and protesting

Newspaper Articles

Natal Indian Congress and United Democratic Front - 1983-1986

Newspaper Articles

NIC and SAIC Campaigns - 1979-1984

Newsapaper Articles

Roy and Charmaine performing the Wall of Death
P.R. Pather and the Pegging Act of 1943
Newspaper articles - Indian Penetration
Articles on Indian Pentration
Penetration Commission

Thank you for you letters of the 16th and 29th. I was very glad to hear from you.....

Newspaper article collection of Dr Henning

Johannesburg: United Nations Secretary General Kurt Waldheim has been urged to act on the banning of two leading black journalists and the closure of four black newspapers

Newspaper article regarding residential property

No interference in economic advance.

The passing of the residential property regulation draft ordinance must obviously be equally to the advantage of the Indians as to the Europeans....


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