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Election 99: Was There a 'Coloured' and 'Indian' Vote?

In the Run‐up to the 1999 elections, both academia and the media assumed that there would be a ‘coloured’ and ‘Indian’ vote. This article challenges this assumption through a disaggregation of the election results.

Report from the Protector of Indian Immigrants to Colonial Secretary dated

Colonial Secretary. Much of the information finished in the Boards remarks on the defects adverted to by the commission was derived, necessarily from me I can therefore say very little to Supplement those remarks.

Indentured Indian Immigration to Natal, 1860- 1870 with special reference to the Hindu Caste System and its implications

To the people of the West, the inhabitants of India are the least understood and the mosteasily misunderstood of all men.

Indentured Indian Immigration to Natal, 1860- 1870 with special reference to the Hindu Caste System and its implications

While much i s w r i t t e n about the Indians from the time they came t o South
A f r i c a i n 1860 t o the present day, research leading t o the conditions i n
India p r i o r t o 1860 and the possible reasons as t o why they l e f t

An exploration of the reasons surrounding Indian businesswomen's involvement in home-based business in Shallcross

The topic of this study is “An exploration of the reasons surrounding Indian
businesswomen’s involvement in home-based businesses in Shallcross, Durban”. The
objective of this study was to investigate some of the reasons why Indian women choose

Major factors contributing to the sustainable profitability of South African Indian family businesses

Indians arrived in South Africa since 1860 predominantly as indentured labourers. Despite over a century of pointed hostility towards Indian entrepreneurs, they managed to endure hardship and thrive. Today they run some of the most successful family businesses in South Africa.

A brief biography of my maternal grandfather Mr Rangasamy Pillay who was a professional sienne netter for approximately sixty years

Indians have been. engaged in the fishing industry of Durban from about 1865 - 1870. The base of their operations was originally from Salisbury Island , situated in Durban Bay, but the. date of their initial settlement on the Island is uncertain.

Postcolonial feminisms speaking through an 'accented' cinema : the construction of Indian women in the films of Mira Nair and Deepa Mehta (Thesis, 2004)

This thesis proposes that the merging of the theories of ‘accented’ cinema and postcolonial feminisms allows for the establishment of a theoretical framework for the analysis of (what will be argued for) an emerging postcolonial feminist film practice.

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