Jo Thorpe

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"Italian Cameo"

Italian Cameo, Venice.

"Indalo kaYehova iyonwabisa"

Indalo kaYehova iyonwabisa


Abstract of figures and Animals.

" Rasta man"

Black and white scene of a room with a television, radio and casettes. ( Type: Lead Pencil)


Scene of an African child in a Zulu hut talking to Jesus and his disciples.  There is a three legged pot, kettle and backet in the center of the house.

" Abraham"

Scene of two figures on each side of the river, one offering fish,and the other one offering a sheep on the alter. A cloud God and a happy sun hovering above them.


A colourful scene of a bridge over a wide lagoon, with mountains and houses on the banks. There is a car crossing the bridge.

" Zimkhulu"

Colourful scene of huts among trees. ( Type: Oil Painting)

" Basotholand"

A colourful scene of a Basotho valley with a river passing through the mountains and trees.( Type: Tempera)

" Maputo"

Colourful scene of modern square houses in a village with a road going through. ( Type: Tempera).

" Shall Cross"

Colourful scene of a church surrounded by cypress trees and there is a hut in the background. ( Type: Tempera)

'Uhambolwethu Esikoleni"

Colourful scene of a man walking down the round past a factory. Cyprus trees and mountains in the background. ( Type:Tempera)


A coulourful scene of a rural homestead on receding hills, and road winding through. ( Type: Tempera)


A colourful scene of modern square houses behind trees with a river passing through. ( Type: Tempera)


A colourful pen and pencil scene of road winding through a rural village with mountains.


Pen and colour pencil scene of two women entering a homestead of two huts, carrying beer pots on their heads.n Other huts and mountains can be seen at the far end.


Pen and colour pencil scene of Zulu men being served beer in a rural homestead, there are also children and domestic animals on the scene.

" Lala kahle Mfowethu"

Black and white lead pencil scene of a huge crowd of mourners at a funeral in church. A rural village, mountains nd trees can be seen at a distance.

"Ebony shopping center"

Pen and colour pencil scene of a shopping complex with people going in and out of it. A township can be seen behind.

"Inja kaGogo"

Scene of an elderly lady and her dog walking on a pathway to a rural homestead. Black and white(pencil).


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