Jo Thorpe

Thumbnail Title Description
Beaded Necklace

Blac kbeaded necklace with blue, white and red diamonds and small fringe.

Beaded Purse

Black beaded purse with colorful decorations.

Beaded and Wooden Necklace

Beaded and wooden necklace.

Beaded Girdle

White beaded girdle with different shapes in different colors.

Beaded Shoulder Pads

Green beaded shoulder patch with diamonds in different colors.

Domestic Life

A scene of a woman carrying a beer pot on the head, walking on  path while the cow is grazing on the grass. House, trees and mountaing in the background.

" Rasta man"

Black and white scene of a room with a television, radio and casettes. ( Type: Lead Pencil)

" Zakheleni"

Scene of a village, clusters of huts, school and mountains in the back ground. It is a pen and colour pencil painting.


A scene of rural village of homestead with trees. There are women carrying water pots, and a biy heading cows. 


Pen and and colour pencil painting of huts between trees, there are mountains in the back ground.

Modern Home

Scene of a modern square house among trees. Pen and colour pencil painting.

" Ubani owaziyo? "

Scene of a man and woman meeting on the road outside a factory or hostel in a rural village. Huts, Mountains amd trees can be seen in the background.  Lead pencil painting.

Modern Homes

Scene of a modern square houses overlooking a barn at the foot of the table mountain.Pen and colour pencil painting.

" KwaNokuthula"

A scene of an elderly woman walking through the village.

" Masihambisane"

A scene of a rural homestead with a road and mountains inthe background. There are women carrying water pots walking in the road.

" Inhloko"

A scene of three traditional men seating outside the huts eatingmeat:cow's head. The huts are sorounded by trees.

" Ngibuyel' ekhaya"

A scene of an elderly traditional Zulu mna returning home, after years staying in a township. 

" Kusile Bakwethu"

Pen and colour pencil scene of factory and workers going to work early in the morning.


Scene of a woman carrying a water pot, walking towards a homestead. Cows are grazing, and there are trees behind the huts.


A scene of huts, road with river running under the bridge. There is also a row of trees and mountains in this pen and colour pencil painting.


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