Franz Hodi

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WCP 859 Lovers By FRanz Hodi.

Study of pot plants

WCP Study of pot plants

Varse of flowers

WCP 855 Varse of flowers by Franz Hodi

Abakweta boys

WCP 854 Franz Hodi, Abakweta Boys.

The arsunephone of the blessed virgins

WCP 853 The arsunephone of the blessed virgin.

Study of trees

WCP 851 Study of trees. By Franz Hodi

'Three women washing clothes'

'Thre women washing clothes'

Christ preaching

WCP 850 Christ Preaching

'The visitation'

'The visitation'



Three grain planters

WCP 848 Three grain planters. By Franz Hodi

Study of Marrianhill connect church

WCP 847 Study of Marrianhil lconnect church.

Man with gun

WCP 846 Man with gun . "Keep your hand away from your handwave" By Franz Hodi.

The creation

The creation

Self Potrait

WCP 845 Self potrait By Franz Hodi.

Three figures

WCP 844 Three figures, central one being helped to stand by other two. By Franz Hodi.

Three women preparing food

Three women preparing food

Still life with pot and mask

Still life with pots and mask

Tempera 'infant Moses' Franz Hodi. Lumko School
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