Durban City Council

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Memo for General Purposes Committee. Indian Penetration into European Areas

In 1933 the Town Council applied for the following powers for the Borough of Durban by a draft Ordinance which:

Letter to W T Walker Hon. Secretary of the Natal Municipal Association

Dear Sir, Areas for European Occupation Only

I beg to refer to your circular letter on the above subject....

Intermixing of European and Non-Europeans

The following letter was received from the Provincial secretary......

Extract from the minutes of Geneal Purpose Committee

The mayor informed the Committee that he had been approached by the Minister of the Interior to permit the Town Clerk's Legal Assistant to proceed......


Report from Mercury. Indian Penetration - Deputation. Advisory Committee

Asiatic affairs Advisory Committee. 

Probable membership

Natal Municipal Association record of meeting of the Executive Committee

Intermixing of Europeans and Non-Europeans

Cr. A.T. Allison reported on the motion brought by him before the Provincial Council in this regard

Letters from the Office of the Mayor, Durban City Council to the Natal Indian Congress

Dear Sir,
At the request of His Worship the Mayor I am writing to give you details of the steps that the General Purposes Committee of the City Council have taken with a view.....

Letter from the Durban City Council to the Natal Indian Congress

His Worship the mayor who was away in Johannesburg when your letter dated the 10th December arrived.....

Correspondence from the Durban City Council to the Natal Indian Congress

In a statement you made to the Press the following day you welcomed and accepted His Worship's offer....

Correspondence between Natal Indian Congress and the Durban Council in connection with the City Council's proposal for Round Table Discussion

As you are no doubt aware the City Council has prepared its plan for the development of the City of Durban during the post-war period and.....

Durban Old Station complex. Progress Report on Conservation

The City Council has received the interim report of the Sub-Committee on the Old Station Buildings and, acting on some of the recommendations, has voted funds for the restoration and conversion of the principal wings of the main station building which has been shown to be a viable.....

City Council Minutes. Proposed Conference with South African Indian Leaders

Receive at an early date a deputation the Natal Provincial Council during its next session, from the Council, so that the views of the bur-we further recommend that a petition be prepared an

Natal Indian Judicial Commission

The City Council on 6th November 1944, resolved:

1) That His Worship the Mayor and Councillors LL Body. M.P.C.......

Memorandum to General Purpose Committee. The Indian Question : Recent Ordinances and Natal Indian Judicial Commission

There is attached hereto a Press Report of the written reply given by the Prime Minister to the Natal Indian Congress whose delegates met the Prime Minister in Pretoria .....

City Valuator and Estates Manager on the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

In reply to your letter of the 3rd October last, forwarding Memorandum on Civic Status dated the 22nd September 1944 prepared by Natal Indian Congress...

Estates Department on the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

Dear Sir,

Memo. by Natal Indian Congress on Housing.
In reply to your letter of the 3rd ultimo, bearing on the above subject, I have to tender the following :

City Valuator and Estates Manager letter

In reply to your letter of the 27th ultimo, forwarding copy of Memorandum dated the 22nd , idem submitted by the Moosa Hajee Cassim Charitable Trust to the Commission', I have to advise as follows :

Natal Indian Judicial Commission

In deference to the request set out in your letters of the 22nd March and 17th April, 1944 I have pleasure in submitting herewith information which I trust will prove to be of.....

Memorandum submitted to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission by the Durban City Council

At its meeting on 24th October 1944, the Durban City Council resolved "that Bis Worship the Mayor (Councilor R. Ellis Brown, J.P.) and Councilors L. L. Boyd, M.P.C., and Major J. Raftery, J.F., M.P.C., together with such officials' as may be necessary, be appointed as the

Town Clerk's Department

I refer you to my letter to you of 7th instant in this matter and set out here under for your information copy....

Treasurer, Water, Estates,Health


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