Dr. J. W. Grossert

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Native Doll

Beaded fertility doll from KwaZulu- Natal.

Fertility Doll: Pedi

Beaded Pedi fertility doll with short hair.

Fertility Doll: Pedi

Beaded Pedi fertility doll with hair to make a woman figure.

Basket Maker

Photograph of a Basket maker at work.


Grass woven placemat,decorated with triangles.


Zulu young men dressed in fine clothes for a wedding.

'Imvunulo yoMama'

A married Zulu woman dressed in her traditional clothes.


Grass woven beer sift, called 'Ivovo' half finished.


Grass woven basket lid with colorful beads and bronze studs.


Small grass lid with blue, red, green and white beads.


Small calabash with figures as decorations.


Wooden carving of a headrest.

Wooden Crocodile

Wooden carved crocodile.

Guinea Fowl

Wooden carving of a black and white guinea fowl.

Wooden Rooster

Wooden carving of a rooster painted in red and white.


Small rat carved from a cattle's horn.

Bowls and Chains

Wood carving of two spoons joined together by a chain. Small wooden carved bowl.


A young Spelonken artist and his work.


Wooden carved Zulu man.


Wooden carved spoons in different shapes and designs.


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