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Second session Geneva, 21 May-1 June 2001

Various Correspondence on the Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

E C Wilkes, Esq, M. P. C. papers

I have been instructed to inform you that on behalf of the Ratepayers' Associations of Durban it is requested that before any final decision be taken with regard to....

Various Correspondence - Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

There is one most important feature which I think Natal and its Provincial Councilors would do well carefully

Urgency Report of the General Purpose Committee

That the recommendation of the Finance Committee contained in Section 1 of the Report be and it is hereby adopted.......

Union Gazette Extraordinary
Transcript of Evidence. Second Broome Commission, March 1943
Transcript of Evidence. Second Broome Commission, March 1943
Transaction of the Association at the Thirty Seventh Annual Conference

Transaction of the Association at the Thirty Seventh Annual Conference

Town Planning
Town Planning
Town Planning
Town Clerk's Department

I refer you to my letter to you of 7th instant in this matter and set out here under for your information copy....

Treasurer, Water, Estates,Health

Tongaat and District Branch. Statement presented to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission

We thank you for the opportunity to place before you this statement from Tongaat and Districts Branch of the Natal Indian Congress....

To the Electors of Natal. If the Occupation Control Ordinance is passed....

The Occupation Control Ordinance is legislation that the Natal Provincial Council proposes to pass in order to control the occupation-but not the ownership of residential properties in this Province.....

Third Report on Proceedings of the Select Committee - Draft Occupation Control Ordinance

As directed by Standing Counsel I attend the resumed sittings of the Select Committee in Pietermaritzburg yesterday....

Third Quarterly meeting of Executive Committee

Notice is hereby given that the Natal Quarterly meeting of the Executive Committee of the Natal Municipal Association will be held ....

The Tyranny of Colour reaction - Penetration appointment of Commission
The Town Clerk, Areas for European Occupation only

Dear Sir,

Further to my circular letter of December 27, 1935, in which you were asked to join the Co-operative movement of influencing your Parliamentary representative to take a....

The Theory of Apartheid: Nationalist Racial Policy in the Union of South Africa
The South African Indian problem and its solution

If the European Citizens of Natal, with their proverbial apathy, calmly acquiesce in the demands made at the election of the new Council of the Natal Indian Congress on Sunday, 21st October.....


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