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Cato Manor (1970's)

Man fixing the roof on this house in Cato Manor

Cato Manor

Men and women inside a shop in Cato Manor

Cato Manor

Trading store in Cato Manor

Cato Manor

Shops in Cato Manor

" Henneus religieux queles Cafres redent a' la lune"

Black and white engraved scene of Hottentot village dancing under the moon light.

Bamboo square : a documentary narrative of the 'Indian and Native cantonment' at the Point , 1873-1903

The urban poor and their condition has not been a specially popular theme in
local history. This is surprising given that they were in so many ways the
direct result of other significant events and policies of nineteenth century

Life of Mahatma Gandhi (in) Indian_Centenary Commemoration Brochure 1860-1960

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born of aristocratic parents-his father being Prime Minister of Porbandar, in the province of Ka.thiawad in India, on 2nd October, 1869.

A brief review of Indian Education in Natal 1962

Indian education in Natal upon the arrival of the immigrants was initiated by at least: two Church missions in the country, the Church of S.A. and the Wesleyan .

Higher education - key to Indian progress (In The Indian South African)

This paper has attempted to prove that the key to the economic salvation of the Indian in South Africa lies in his greater participation in higher education. In 1964, there were 48,000 White students in the various universities in South Africa (full-time and part-time) representing over 1.

The impact of drought pestilence and Cattle Diseases on the Peasantry of Natal (1896 - 1906)

That the environmental and ecological dimensions of agriculture have not been fully considered in the past has created some problems in attempting to assess their specific role in the period 1896-1906.

A historical investigation into the garment industry in Natal with specific reference to the garment workers industrial union [Natal]

The history of the Garment Workers Industrial Union indicates that its strategy is one of negotiation and subordination. As paid representatives of the Garment Workers, the union did not and does not wish to attack the autonomous power of the employers.

The Decline of Stevedoring Labour in Durban: 1959-1990

The movement of commodities around the world has been a crucial way in which
capitalist and colonial economies have functioned. Ships and harbours have been the
focus of the transportation of commodities for many centuries, and today, while there are


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