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A Short History of the African National Congress (South Africa) 1912-1982
ANC KZN PEC bulletin Nov 2001
Mayibuye Volume 4 Number 5 May/June 1994

Mayibuye, journal of the African National Congress.

Mayibuye - April 1992
N Mandela ANC activities subversive activities 1986
Documents of the ANC Conference "Peoples of the World United Against Apartheid for a Democratic South Africa": Arusha, Tanzania, 1-4 December 1987
ANC-KwaZulu/Natal: Let Us Develop Rural Communities
Letter to Professor D D T Jabavu from the President-General of the ANC

The people of South Africa have made a clear statement that they are confident that the ANC will lead
them to the achievement of the goal of a better life for all.

ANC manifesto 2004
ANC Today Volume 7, No. 2. 19-25 January 2007

* Letter from the President: Viva the Cadres for Development!
* ANC 95th Anniversary: Place the branch at the centre of struggle
* Social development: No evidence that grants encourage teenage pregnancy

ANC Today Volume 8, No.2 . 18-24 January 2008

Letter from the President: The voice of the ANC must be heard
Polokwane Resolutions II: Creating decent work opportunities

ANC Today Volume 7, No. 36 . 14-20 September 2007

* Letter from the President: The spirit of Steve Biko has not died
* A fundamental revolutionary lesson: The enemy manoeuvres but it remains the enemy/ Part IV: Defeat the resurgence of the workerist tendency

Volume 8, No. 1 . 11-17 January 2008

* 52nd National Conference: The one and only ANC!
* Polokwane Resolutions I: Schools, health care and the fight against poverty

ANC Today Volume 7, No. 6. 16-22 February 2007

* Letter from the President: The Mecca Agreement - pax fiat!
* What the media says: Propaganda and reality: The truth as the first casualty of war

ANC Today Volume 7, No. 9. 9-15 March 2007

* Letter from the President: The imperative of women's emancipation
* Social values: The struggle to change the 'surplus people' mindset
* Report back: Africa unites against corruption

ANC Today Volume 7, No. 50 • 21-27 December 2007

* 52nd National Conference: We emerge from Polokwane stronger and more
* Letter from the Outgoing President: From Limpopo to 2012!
* Declaration of the 52nd National Conference: Our work is far from complete

ANC Today Volume 7, No. 44. 9-15 November 2007

* Letter from the President: South Africa - the problem of being new!
* Sudan: Speeches delivered by President Thabo Mbeki and the President of Sudan,
Omar el-Bashir, at a State Banquet in Cape Town

ANC Today Volume 7, No. 1 . 12-18 January 2007

* Letter from the President: 2006 - Somalia needs African solidarity
* What the media says - The time is ripe for better, bolder journalism

ANC Today Volume 8, No. 9, 7 - 13 March 2008

* Racism and sexism: An assault on the dignity of all our people
* Crisis in Gaza: Stop the collective punishment of the Palestinian people


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