South Africa

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Spion Kop, Natal, January 24th 1900

Black and white print 14.3 x 20.2cm faded along edges

Boer grave, Pieter's Hill, Boer War 1899-1900

Sepia print 14.5 x 19.7cm

The Boer trench on Brackfontein in right across the Potgieter Drift - Ladysmith Road - Boer War 1899-1900

Black and white print 13.3 x 18.9cm faded in central area

The Boer Bridge and the Tugela Falls over the Tugela River at foot of Hart's Hill - Boer War 1899

Sepia print 13.5 x 18.2cm severely faded

Colenso: immediately after its re-occupancy by the Britsh, February 1900 - Boer War 1899-1900

Sepia print 13.5 x 18.8cm

Battle of Colenso, firing laydite at the enemy's trenches - Boer War 1899

Sepia print 13.5 x 19.6cm faded and stained

The 14th Battery of Field artillery - subsequently cut up a Battle of Colenso

Sepia print 13.4 x 18.7cm faded

The battle of Colenso - British ammunition column awaiting orders

Sepia print 13.5 x 18.7cm

A Boer Laager - Boer War 1899-1900

Sepia print 13.4 x 18.7cm faded in the centre

Schedule of Mortgage Bonds passed by Indians over properties situated in those areas in the Old Borough by the Broome Commission to be predominantly European.....
Mortgage Bond and Transfers
10. Statistical Information - Ownership of Fixed Property by Asiatic within City of Durban
The Indian Penetration Bill, Vol73

Black and white print 13.6 x 18.7cm faded

Boer graves at Nelthorpe - Boer War 1899-1900

Sepia print 13.5 x 18.8cm

Ammunition of the Boers - stopped a Delegoa Bay

Sepia print 13.7 x 19.3cm

Refugees, Drill Hall, Durban

Sepia print 14.8 x 19.7cm

Mass of rock on Zwartkop struck by Boer shell whcih was fired at our naval guns - Boer war 1899-1900

Sepia print 13.8 x 18.8cm very faded and yellowed

S. A. Party Cartoon Principles - Indian Penetration

Dominion Party, Pamphlets of South African Party, Election

Memorandum on the subject of the proposed Amendment to section 11 of the housing Act for Powers of Expropriation


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