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Group photo at the Red Cross Event in Pietermaritzburg

Group photo - P Naidoo, Raj

Guest of Honour L.M. Moodley at the Red Cross event held in PMB

 L.M. Moodley delivering a speech at the Red Cross event held in PMB

Hela Hela valley

 Various scenes of a lorry with girls of both the Amajongosi and Amaqhikizaage group climbing up in order togo to imibondo or gift giving of s girl to her boyfried family.

Hela Hela valley

 Variouscences of lorry with girls of both the amajongosi and amaqhikiza age -groups climbing up in order to go to a imibondo.

Hela Hela valley

Varoius scenes of a lorry with girls climbing up to go to an imibondo.

Hela Hela valley

Various scenes of a group of people around the Nissan 1400 of KCAL staff member Y. Winters while questioning girls going to an Imibondo.

Hela Hela valley

Children and young adults of the KwaMatakana area pose for ompromptu photograph in the yard of Mrs Mtolos home.

Hindu Women Association, 1913. Kasturba 4th from the left front row; Gandhi 5t from the left front row.

Black and white print 25.8 x 20.2cm

India stretcher bearer corps, Anglo Boer War 1898-1902. Gandhi is in the middle row, 5th from the left

Black and white print 25.0 x 19.2cm

Kasturba and Mahatma Gandhi with members of the P K Naidoo family in Johannesburg. Mr Naidoo was one of the most earnest passive resisters.

Black and white print 19.4 x 25.9cm

Kasturba Gandhi & children, 1898, from L-R: Gakaldas (Mahatma's sister's son; seated Marulal (2nd son); Mrs Gandhi; Ramdas (3rd son) and Harilal, eldest son

Black and white print 20.3 x 25.9cm

Kitty's Studio, PMB 1974.

Zulu girls.


Sepia print 20.4 x 14.9cm

Ladysmith Day, 28 February 1900. Am assembly of school children. The new town hall is in the course of being built.

Black and white print 15.7 x 20.7cm 

Langalibalele was Memorial

Black and white print 8.3 x 15.1cm

Legislative Council Building, Longmarket Street, Pietermaritzburg

Sepia print 19.4 x 13.5cm

Leter from the Social Worker to Mrs Hickson
Letter from A Lester to Peter Brown
Letter from C R Halle to the General Secretary of the YMCA
Letter from C R Halle to the Secretary of the YMCA


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