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A geography of hawking at the Westcliffe market
Squatters Market / Institute for Social and Economic Research. 1976
Engaged Khuze girl

Engaged girl of the Khuze clan with her hair being lengthened in preparation for marriage, Creighton area 1930. From Kohler, Dr. M. Marriage customs in Southern  Natal. Ethnological publication Vol. IV. Pretoria: Government Printer, 1935.

Married woman

Married woman with small child. traditionally dressed

Traditional junior girl

Traditional junior girl


Traditional senior girl or iqhikiza


Outfit worn by a dancing youth ( a married man may wear the same but for the beadwork) of the Khuze of highflats 1983. this outfit is worn by a friend of the Mbanjwa family.


Outfit worn by a courting youth of the Khuze of Highflats 1983. the original outfit worn by a member of Mbanjwa family and photographed at Bobson studio.

Three girls of amajongosi age group

Three girls of the Amajongosi age group from the mtolo family of Matakane araea.

Three girls of amajongosi age group

Three girls of the Amajongosi age group of Mtolo family of Mtakane.

Girls who are Amajongosi

Girls who are Amajongosi, who were accompanying senoir girls, one of them who was to give umbondo gifts to her boyfriend family.

Balindile Mtolo, an amajongosi

Balindile Mtolo, an amajongosi or gir without a boyfriend in dress for special occassions.

Balindile Mtolo posing as Amajongosi

Balindile Mtolo posing as amajongosi.

KCAL staff member, Mr Patrick Ngubane

Killie Campbell member, Mr Patrick Ngubane in his traditional dress. he is of the Shembe sect and dresses like this when going home 1993.

Amaqhikiza or Senoir girls

Two girls of the amaqhikiza who dressed in their outfits worn on special occassions for photograph.

Senoir girls or Amaqhikiza

Senoir girls. A fairly established formal relationship in which the girl has already given beadwork to boy and is in this instance going to give imibondo gifts to the boyfriends family.

Amaqhikiza or Senoir girls

Two girls of amaqhikiza(girl with boyfriend) age group from the Mtolo of Matakane.

Amaqhikiza or Senoir girls

Senior girls of Motolo family of Matakane.

Field and Randles, 1871 firm

Field and Randles. 1871 firm

Estcourt, 1882

Estcourt, 1882; depicting the town with scattered houses


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