Eastern Cape

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Kalk Bay

 Kalk bay Holiday time

Loading trucks

 Loading truks with blue ground from mine

St Johns church

 St Johns church Kroonstad

Market square

 Market square King Williams town

High School for girls

 High school for girls  King Williams Town

Alexandra road

 Alexandra road King Williams town

Waggon Brigde

 Wagoon Brigde over Buffalo River

Botanic Gardens

 Botanic gardens King Williams Town

The convent

 The convent KIng Willians Town

A drift

 A drft in the Perie beach

Buffalo river

 Buffalo river , King Wlliams town

Market square

 Market square KIng Williams town

Conservatory in Botanic Gardens

 Conservatory in Botanical Gadens King Williams Town

Memorial Conservatorie

 Memorial Conservatorie Botanic Gardens King Willliam town

Diamond Jubilee

Diamond jubilee memorial KIng Williams town

THe club

 THhe club King Williams town

View of the German Pageant

 View of the Germany Pageant

View of the German Pageant

 View of the German Pageant

Yellow wood falls

 Yellowood Faiis

The club

The club, King Williams town


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