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Indian delicacies

Indian Street food vendor

Fruit and vegetable tent market

Informal roadside trading

Fruit and Vegetable market

Informal roadside fruit and vegetable stalls

Florist Flower seller

Flower stall

Traders in shopping mall

Trading in mall

Flower sellers along the roadside

Roadside trading

Vendor Hawker outside a a shopping centre in Phoenix, Gem City

Hawker with his stall at a shopping mall

Traders selling brassware
Vendor in a Phoenix shopping mall

Vendor cart in a shopping mall

Vendor in a Phoenix Shopping Mall

Vendor carts in a shopping Mall

Flower sellers - Mr Paul Peters
Flower Market
Flower market
Flower market opposite the City Hall
Durban flower market
Siene netters
Fish market
Fish market
Letter from Sivi to Phyllis Naidoo

I am in bed recovering from a somewhat severe flu.

Letter from Sivi to Phyllis Naidoo

I received the copy of your letter to the family, dated 1:10:80 together with enclosures and copy of your letter. To Selvi dated 8:10:80, yesterday.


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