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Life was always like a State of Emergency: Black Medical Student Experiences at the University of Natal Medical School, 1950-1990

In 1951 – just three years after the Afrikaner Nationalist Party came into power in South Africa on an ‘apartheid’ platform of fuller segregation of the races – the University of Natal’s Faculty of Medicine was officially opened in Durban.3 Its purpose was to provide a high standard medical train

V Sirkari Naidoo - Fiat Lux May 1978, p.8

Mr V Sirkari Naidoo Biography.

University of Natal Medical School History

Embroiled in controversy and political strife, and disadvantaged by major financial and resource deprivation, the University of Natal Medical School has nevertheless survived and prospered for nearly 50 years - and has made a unique contribution to medical education in the Southern African sub-co

Natal University and the question of autonomy (non-white education 1959-1962)

On the 7 March 1963 a plaque was erected in the
Students Union of the University of
This plaque states that:
Natal, Durban.
"The right of this University to determine
who shall be admitted as students was taken
away in May 1959 and restored .. "

Letter from Lorraine to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Lorraine to Phyllis Naidoo

Letters of E P Barritt - Playel and Phyllis Naidoo

Letters of Edith P Barrit - Playel and Phyllis Naidoo


This investigation attempts to present a scientific exposition of the development, functioning and community relationship of the Indian Police in the South African Police Force. The training and work responsibilities of all policemen in the Force are the same.


The relationships between social research and the application of research findings are diff±cult and demanding, especially in the context of problems researched in Southern Africa.

An investigation into those factors which may predispose to or precipitate suicidal behavior amongst Indian school children
Letters from Muriel Twyford to Phyllis Naidoo

Letters from Muriel Twyford  to Phyllis Naidoo

Death in Black and White : suicide statistics and race in Natal, 1880-1916

From the ballot boxes of Florida, USA, to the police stations of South Africa, numbers and the mechanisms of their counting have come upon hard times recently.

Letters from Miguel to Phyllis Naidoo

Letters from Miguel to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Joyce to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Joyce to Phyllis Naidoo.

Letter from Carol to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Carol to Phyllis Naidoo

Towards a pastoral counselling model for adolescent suicidal behaviour

Over the past three decades, vouth suicide has become a mental and public health
problem of epidemic proportions. The sociaL oolitical and economic changes that have
occurred in South Africa over the nast two decades have had a verv visible imnact on the

Letter from Mrs W Caswell to Phyllis Naidoo

Letter from Mrs Caswell to Phyllis Naidoo

An investigation into the nature and extent of Child Abuse among the Indian population of the Durban Municipal area 1986

The study of child abuse is a complex one indeed. There are many
variables involved, each one of which or combination of which,
contribute to the end result, that is, the abused child. The
psychological implications to the abused child as well as the

Letter from Mani to Phyllis Naidoo
The epidemiology of parasuicide at RK Khan Hospital (Thesis , 1984)

The epidemiology of parasuicide cases presenting at RK Khan Hospital was examined in response to a request from the
RK Khan Hospital Advisory Board, (1,2) in Chatsworth, Durban to the Department of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine, University of Natal in Durban.

A qualitative investigation into the risk and protective factors that mediate non-fatal suicidal behaviour in Indian adolescents (Thesis, 2008)

Considering the escalating rate of suicidal behaviour in adolescents, not much is
known about the risk and protective factors that mediate non-fatal suicidal behaviour
among this group. This study has focused on exploring the subjective worlds of Indian


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