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Further Memorandum submitted to the Natal Indian Judicial Commission by the Natal University Students Union

In our earlier memorandum we dealt we dealt as thoroughly as available material permitted us to do with matters intimately connected with our existence and activities...

G S Naicker


Gandhi - Desai School library

Group of students inside the library at the Gandhi-Desai School


Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born in Porbandar in Indiaon 2 October 1869.

Gandhi a profile

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi Biograophy.

Gandhi and Africans in South Africa

Message to South Africa, May 18, 1947"...

Gandhi Desai High School

View of the Gandhi Desai High School court yard and building

Gandhi in South Africa - an interpretation

M. K. Gandhi’s years in South Africa—from 1893 to 1914—and his writings of that time provide an indispensable lens through which to view South African intellectual life during the twentieth century. South African intellectual life today is largely cut off from its past.

Gandhi in South Africa - banners

Gandhi in South Africa 1893 to 1914

Gandhi Library Books - List 1

Gandhi Library Books - List 1

Gandhi Publications online

Gandhi Publications online

Gandhi, Manilal : SA Indian Whos Who 1971-1972

Gandhi,  Manilal Biography.

Gandhi: Luthuli: King: Mandela: a legacy for the future

Light grey background. Artwork of Gandi, Luthuli, King and Mandela with a white dove in front of them. Notice of an exhibition at the Documentation Centre, at the University of Durban-Westville, during July 1988.

Garment displays

Garments mae by fashion design students at ML Sultan technikon

Garment Workers' Industrial Union (Natal) : golden jubilee, 1934-1984

The path to our Golden Jubilee
has not been an easy and
smooth sailing one.
During our 50 years of existence,
we had to struggle
against great odds · but thanks
to the dedication of some of our
older members who were steadfast

Garment Workers' Industrial Union (Natal) : golden jubilee, 1934-1984

The creation of a garment involves dozens of specialized tailoring skills, many of them unique to and representing the peak of hand craftsmanship.

Gem City in Phoenix

Shopping complex

Gender Under Fire - interrogating War in South Africa, 1939-1945

Warfare in the twentieth century – with few exceptions as the century closed – provided a theatre for the consolidation of gender roles. The gender roles of "soldiers" and "mothers" in particular were remarkably uncontested during war years.

Gender, Citizenship and Power The Westcliff Flats Residents Association

The post-apartheid period has witnessed a mushrooming of activity by civic organizations in South Africa. This paper focuses on a group of women in Westcliff, Chatsworth, who have been persevering against difficult odds over the past two decades.

Gender, modernity & Indian delights: the women's cultural group of Durban, 1954-2010

For decades, South Africans aspiring to make the perfect biryani have turned to Indian Delights, the best selling cookbook produced by Zuleikha Mayat and the Women's Cultural Group.


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