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Durban resident

Durban residents at the opening of the Town Hall

Graduation Ceremony

Durban, City Hall, Graduation Ceremony

Durban Sir Benjamin

Durban , Sir Benjamin

Currie Sir Donald, 1825-1909

Sir Donald Currie

Durban Cricket Club

Durban Cricket Club (Unidentified )

Chard John Ruse Merriott, 1848-1897

Chard John Merriott seated in military dress 1848-1897

Durban Borough police force

Durban Borough police force, Indian Division

Crowder Sam

Sam Crowder

Durban Borough police force

Durban Borough police force ( from left to right) : Sgts Bond, Simpkins and Grant.

Escombe, Harry

Escombe, Harry 1838- 1899

Durnford Breveted, Antony William

Durnford, Breveted, Antony Williams 1830-1879

Crowder, Ben

Crowder, Ben

Duncan, Sir Patrick

Duncan, Sir Patrick, 1870-1943

Cottam, John Bagot, 1836-1910

Cottam, John Bagot 1836-1910

Dunn, John Robert

Dunn John Roberts depicts head and shoulders

Dunn, John Robert

Dunn, John Robert, 1833-1895 surrounded by his chiefs

Duncan, Lady alice Dora Amanda

Duncan, Lady Alice Dora Amanda, 1893-1948








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