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Bhambatha Spears

Zulu iron assegais that are said to have been removed from Inkos' uBhambatha;s body bt Athol Armstrong.

Bhaca Women Singing and Danging during First Fruit Ceremony

Bhaca women singing and dancing during the first fruit ceremony

Bhaca women singing and dancing

WCP 1939 Bhaca women singing and dancing at First Fruit Ceremony.By gerald Bhengu.

Bhaca women of Richmond, MaSwazini area, Sithole family

Two Bhaca  traditional women of the Sithole family of EmaSwazini, Richmond, 5 October 1989, by Yvonne Winters

Bhaca women of Richmond, MaSwazini area

Two Bhaca traditional women of the Sithole family of Emaswazini, Ndaleni, Richmond, 5 October 1989. Photographed by Yvonne Winters when visiting Balungile (Banigile) Mbhele with R. Msomi and B. Tyrrell. 1/9/93. 

Bhaca women of Richmond

Traditional women of the Mtolo family outside Mr Jay Singh (18 Beaulieu St Richmond, 03322-2817) mobile shop- Stolo gijima. He comes to the Valley on Tuesdays and Sarturdays, 12-1pm. Photographed by I. Bin, 27.2.1990

Bhaca women of Richmond

Three traditional married women from the Zaca family of Matakane (Hela Hela valley). The wig over the eye of short red wool is characteristic of this stage. They say they wear this hair-style for the first three years of marriage. Photographed by I. Bindha (KCAL Staff) 27.2. 1990

Bhaca women of Richmond

Young married Bhaca women of Richmond, Indaleni section, photographed by Yvonne Winters, November 1989

Bhaca women from Highflats

Khuphukile in her brides 

Bhaca women

Traditional women of the Mtolo family outside Mr Jay singh mobile shop(18 Bealieu Richmond) stologijima. He comes to the village on Tuesday's and Saturday'a 12-1pm. Photographed by I.Bind (27.2.1990. Third photograph is of  University of Natalcar, a Toyota Corolla, 16L

Bhaca women

Bhaca women of Hela Hela, Richmond. Photographed of the University of Natal car, a TOYOTA Corolla, 16L. For more details see image KCB 7356-7

Bhaca woman

Bhaca woman

Bhaca Sangoma

Bhaca Sangoma

Bhaca outfit from Himeville

Outfit worn by senior girl (one who has been courted), Bhaca from Himeville, 1983

Bhaca outfit from Himeville

Outfit worn by senior girl of 'Iqhikiza' age-set (girl who has been spoken and waiting for marriage-payment). Bhaca of Himeville 1983.

Bhaca Mother and Child

Bhaca mother her child 

Bhaca married woman's gala three section back skirt c1950-60, Richmond

Bhaca married woman's gala three section back skirt c1970-60, Richmond

Bhaca Married Woman

Portrait of a Bhaca married woman

Bhaca married Woman

Watercolor portrait of a married Bhaca woman at a Costume Gala in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal.

Bhaca Khuze beadwork

Outfit worn by engaged girl of Khuze clan of Highflats 1983.(The girl is a member of the Mbanjwa family and this is her own dress) plus the beadwork worn by a girl of this age-set. The beadwork is similar to that worn in picture but obviously not the same


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