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Bhaca girl

Portrait of a Bhaca girl 

Bhaca Girl

Bhaca Girl 

Bhaca from Richmond beaded costumes

All Bhaca from Richmond collected by Barbara Tyrrell, c1952

Bhaca from Richmond back skirts worn by married women, c1952

Blackskirt cloth heavy beading worked onto cloth. Worn as backcloth by Bhaca married women c1952 in Richmond

Bhaca from Richmond back skirts worn by married women, c1940's

Beaded skirt worn by married Bhaca women c1940s

Bhaca from Richmond back skirts worn by girls with boyfriends, c1952

Back skirt possibly worn by engaged Bhaca girl from Richmond c1952+(for reference see page 177 number 6 "engaged girl, ganile" in Tyrrell, B, Suspicion is my name, Cape Town: T.V. Bulpin, 1971. This one had tag in brown paper "worn by girl with boyfriend,

Bhaca from Richmond back skirts worn by married women, c11950's

Bhaca married woman's back skirt c1950 Richmond

Bhaca from Himeville back skirts worn by married women, c1983

Backskirt layers of cloth each underlaps other with one under cloth. More modern style of Bhaca married woman 's backskirt in the Hemivillie area 1983

Bhaca families of Richmond, Hela Hela Valley; Mtolo and Zaca

Various scenes of the Mtolo and Zaca families of Matakane (Hela Hela) photographed by Yvonne Winters (KCAL staff)

Bhaca costume from Richmond, c1952

All Bhaca from Richmond by Barbara Tyrrell c1952

Bhaca Bride

Bhaca Bride - Richmond - Natal

Bhaca Betrothed Girl

Watercolor portrait of a  Bhaca betrothed girl from Richmond in KwaZulu- Natal.

Bhaca backskirts c1960

Various Bhaca backskirts c1960's from Richmond collected by Dr. B. Tyrrell now in the Natal Museum collection. 

Bhaca engaged girl's backskirts c1960, Richmond

Bhaca engaged girl's back skirt c1960's Richmond

Bhaca beaded costume from Himeville, 1983

Backsirt heavily beaded with fringe along bottom. Worn by engaged girl who is on a marriage trial to her future in-laws family. Bhaca from Himeville

Bhaca beaded costume from Himeville, 1983

Backskirt worn by married Bhaca women  of Himevilleas a backskirt c1960. (umgudlo)

Berea, Durban


Label on photograph: Berea, Durban / W. Caney

Handwritten note on the back of the page (possibly compiled by archivist): "Identified as 'the race course area, Durban' by [Mr] Alan Randles, who delivered several items by his father Mr B.M. Randles.  Donated to KCAL 22/4/1983"

Berea road station

Berea station

Berea road

Berea road

Berea road

Berea road, Durban


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