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Wooden sieve

Wooden sieve with round deep handle. Holes on the spacula to strain liquids or beer.

Wooden spoon

Carved spoon with shallow spacula shape.Made in Zulu land

Wooden spoon

Wooden carved spoon with a long handle. Light wood

Walking stick

Zululand walking stick with black tip and carved crooked handle.

Knob- stick

Zululanda knob-stick with rounded head made of wild olive wood known as uMhlwathi. 

Beadwork: Bride's belt

Beaded belt worn by brides on their wedding day. 

Wooden plate

Circular wooden plate with four legs and a handle on the side

Beer Skimmer

Made out of Ilala palm , handle partly split into two parts.

Wooden Dish

Round wooden food bowl, used by the Zulu tribe.


Carved spoon made out of Lekkerbreek wood from Waterberg area.

Zulu Skirt

Beaded skirt in white, blue, green and red. Large black apron with halved diamonds.


Carved light wood. Black and white, European style.

"The destruction of Magudu's kraal"

"The destruction of Magudu's kraal"

"The better the healing touch"

"The better the healing touch"

"Ritual dance"

"Ritual Dance"

"Death of King"

"Death of king"





Induna addressing crowd. Cattle and huts behind

Induna addressing crowd. Cattle and huts behind

"The birthday celebration"

"The birthday celebration"


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