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Mitchell, Sir Charles Bullen Hugh, 1836-1899

Mitchell, Sir Charles Bullen Hugh, 1836-1899

Missionaries of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions

Ammercan Missonaries Board, 1835, Centre D. Lindley, (Clockwise from centre bottom): Robbins, S. Axley, W. Mellen, D. Rood, J. Tyler, H.Wilcker, A. Abraham, F.B. Bridgman, S. Stone, W. Ireland.

Millar, Allister Mitchell,

Miller, Allister Mitchell

Millar, Harold Martel, 1865-1961

Millar, Harold Martel, 1865-1961

Miller, Capt. Alexander, 1850?

Miller, Capt. Alexander, 1850?

Melville, Lieut. Teignmonth, 1842-1879

Melville, Lievt. Teignmonth, 1842-1879

Matthias, Florence Theophila, 1854-?

Matthias, Florence Theophila, 1854

Maritz, Dina Maria, 1850

Maritz, Dina Maria, 1850

Marine Hotel

Marine Hotel, Durban  Sandy road and tracks in foreground.

Marcus George

 Marcus, george fl 1849-60


 Mankulumana 1890-1913

Malan Francois Stephanus

 Malan , Frncois Stephanus, 1871-1941



Mcnab Bob

 Macnab, Bob Fl. 1890

Mackenzie Margaret

 Mackenzie margaret

London Edward 1850-1860

London Edward

Lloyd Mrs William Henry Cynric

Mrs William Henry Lloyd

Mackenzie Duncan

 mackenzie Sir Duncan

Lloyd Harriette 1844-1930, Llyoyd Isabella Rosamund 1856-1935

Lloyd family

Mackenzie Dun can

 Mackenzie , Sir Duncan, 1859-1932 pallbearers carring the coffin.


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