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International Press Conference by the Honourable P W Botha, Prime Minister of the RSA on the talks between the Five Western Powers and the RSA Government regarding South West Africa

Press Conference with P W Botha regarding the independence of Namibia. Includes a joint statement by the South African Government and the five Foreign Ministers

Statement by the President of the African National Congress of South Africa,on the occasion of the launching of the international year against apartheid

Statement by Oliver R Tambo, President of the ANC, on the occasion of the launching of the International Year Against Apartheid at the United Nations Organisation in New York in 1978.

Statement by the ANC (SA) on the situation in Czechoslavakia

A press release by the African National Congress on unity with Czechoslavakia in their negotiations with the USSR.

NUSAS Press Release No. 5, 1967

Press release by the NUSAS President and Vice-President of the National Union of South African Students stating the opposition of the Union to the Terrorism Bill that had been tabled in the South African Houses of Parliament.

NUSAS Press Release No. 4, 1967

NUSAS press bulletin on the 1967 National Day of Affirmation of Academic and Human Freedom in South Africa.

Students Representative Council: Press release

This press release is a statement of rejection, by the Black youth of Azania, of the concept of Bantu homelands

Perspectives on the current situation: ANC view

African National Congress statement on the current political situation in South Africa, presented to a meeting of the Five Freedoms Forum.

Statement on the question of a united front to the 20th session of the O.A.U. Liberation Committee

Edited statement by Oliver Tambo on the question of a united front, presented to the 20th session of the Organisation of African Unity Liberation Committee.

Press cuttings-repression of youth

Article on repression of youth regarding repression of students in 1984 as over 50 students were detained, an article on Sowetan regarding fun run to launch the International year of the youth in Soweto that has been organised by a community organisation in the same month, an artilcle on Sowetan

Statement issued by the Vigilance Committee, Grahamstown

Statement issued by the Grahamstown Vigilance Committee with suggestions on improving relations between the Council and Grahamstown Townships.

Kwa-Natal Indaba

Article regarding Kwa-Natal Indaba as it met to plan tactics and tie up crucial loose ends in the face of dicouraging government reaction to its proposals, in the latest setback, constitutional development minister Mr Chris Heunis has emphasised that he gave no assurance that a refendum would def

NUM, FEDTRAW, rural, parliament and miscellaneous

Different articles on NUM, as Anglo American Corporation yesterday appeal to the National Union of Mines workers to resume talks aimed at ending then two-week old gold and coal miners strike, article regarding Federation of Transvaal Women (FEDTRAW) did not just celebrate the 1956 womens's protes

Declaration of Unity and the Ten Point Programme

Statement approved by the Continuation Committee of the Preliminary Unity Conference of Delegates from the AAC and the National Anti-C.A.D., December 17, 1943. This document highlights and describes the Ten Point Programme of the Unity Movement.

Group Areas Board: investigation in terms of the Group Areas Act, 1950 (Act No. 41 of 1950) as amended: Grahamstown

Press cutting:

NUSAS Press Digest, Number 4, 1967

NUSAS Press Digest, number 4, 1967. A compilation of press reports and editorial comments during July, August and September, 1967 on the banning order placed on Dr Raymond (Bill) Hoffenberg.

Christmas statement by leaders of the Black People's Convention in indefinite detention.

Through the external representative of the Black People's Convention, Mr Ranwedzi Nengwekhulu the statement was received from the BPC president , Mr Kenneth Rachidi and other members of the BPC held in Modder B prison.

Statement by BPC Vice-President

A press statement issued by the Black Peoples Convention, attacking Gatsha Buthelezi

Statement by the African National Congress of South Africa on the invasion of Angola by South African troops

Statement by the ANC on the invasion of Angola by South Africa. Signed by Oliver Tambo.

Declaration of the African National Congress (SA) Executive Committee, Morogoro, 17 - 20 March 1975

Declaration of the ANC National Executive Committee in Morogoro, 17-20 March 1975. Calls for the mobilisation of all forces in Africa and world-wide against apartheid.

Press Statement concerning the transition in Mozambique: riots, rallies etc

A press statement issued by SASO on the independance of Mozambique


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