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Declaration of Unity and the Ten Point Programme

Statement approved by the Continuation Committee of the Preliminary Unity Conference of Delegates from the AAC and the National Anti-C.A.D., December 17, 1943. This document highlights and describes the Ten Point Programme of the Unity Movement.

Development of R26m Black Glenmore township to begin

Press cutting about the development of Glenmore township for the resettlement of Black people.

Development of twenty six million Rand Black Glenmore township to begin

Newspaper article on the planned development of Glenmore township for the resettlement of Black people forced to move from designated White areas

Dr Neil Agget - Protest and Work Stoppage - Pres Cuttings

Protest and Work Stoppage - newspaper cuttings

Dunsec Youth News
Election 94 Voter Workshop
Election 94. A supplement to the Daily News
Eye-witness account of the action by South African police in a Black Township near Cape Town

A teacher's account of police brutality against High school students in the Cape Peninsula in the period following the Soweto riots, published as an article in The Guardian, United Kingdom

Families given deadline to move

Press cutting referring to the eleven days notice given to black residents of Kenton on Sea to move to Committees Drift

Five Freed Detainees Re-Arrested
Forward to a People's Government

African National Congress response to P W Botha's announcement that he would summon a conference representative of all races to deliberate about matters affecting South Africa.

Free translation of the text of the Joint Declaration issued by Fidel Castro, President of Cuba, and Jose Eduardo Dos Santos, President of Angola, on the occasion of the latter's visit to Cuba on 19 March 1984

Statement issued by Fidel Castro, President of Cuba, following the President of Angola's visit to Cuba, regarding the peace efforts in southern Africa.

Freedom - New Series Vol 1 No 8 Special 194 Conference Issue
Give Glenmore water plea

Press article relating to the urgent need for the planning of an adequate water supply system for Glenmore Township

Glenmore plan slammed

Newspaper article quoting Donald Savage denouncing the proposed forced removals of Black people from Kenton-on-Sea to Glenmore Resettlement Camp in the Ciskei

Glenmore plans slammed

Press cutting on the proposed forced removal of blacks from Kenton on Sea to Glenmore resettlement camp.

Glenmore squatters move starts next week

Newspaper article on the forced removals of Black families from Klipfontein to Glenmore

Glenmore to boost local business

Press cutting relating to the benefits that would arise for local businesses by the development of Glenmore Township

Glenmore to boost local businesses

Newspaper article about business opportunities that would result from the development of Glenmore Township

Governemt to take the first step

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