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Reverend John Thomas

Reverend John Thomas, 22 October 1862 – 11 August 1921. He was the first Indian to be ordained as a Christian Minister in South Africa in 1902.

Mrs P Naidoo Prescription Pad, Lesotho government Hospital

Mrs P Naidoo Prescription Pad Lesotho government Hospital.

This is a picture of Paul’s wife, Ellen Elizabeth and their five sons
Henry Louis Paul (1862 – 1935)
Transcript of Evidence. Second Broome Commission, March 1943
Transcript of Evidence. Second Broome Commission, March 1943
Second Indian Penetration Commission
Indian Penetration
Commission of Inquiry regarding possible Indian Penetration for Trading or Residential Purposes of predominantly European Areas in Natal and the Transvaal
Town Planning
Town Planning
Town Planning
Memorandums of the City of Durban and the Natal Indian Congress

In reply to your letter of the 7th instant setting out communication received from the Joint Honorary.....

Petition to his Worship the Mayor and Members of the Durban City Council

Durban City Council, rateable property, ratepayers, Burgesses, European descent, European housing scheme, amenities

Cheque from Badsha to Phyllis Naidoo

Cheque from Badsha to Phyllis Naidoo.

Invoice - Loan to Rodney

Invoice Loan to Rodney - repaying R1000.00 per month.

The Deputation from the Natal Indian Congress

Waited on the Prime Minister in his room. The Prime Minister received the Deputation at 11am. There were present beside the Prime Minister: Senator C F Clarkson, Minister of .......

Tax invoice from Phyllis Naidoo to Rhumba

Tax invoice from Phyllis Naidoo to Rhumba

Second Report of General purposes Committee

The City Council on 23m June, 1944, authorized that Standing Counsel (Mr. Advocate F. R. Shaw, K.C.).....

South African Indian Problem - Save South Africa

Pegging Act, Union Parliament, segregation, mistreatment of Indians, Purchase of property, Human rights, provincial barriers


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