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Black Consciousness and Pan-Africanism
Bannings & Detentions - Anti - S.A.I.C.
At the interview with General Smuts in No.3 Committee Room....

Occupation: In all his many years acquaintance with this difficult question this was the first occasion on which the Indians had agreed any.......

Apartheid at the Film Festival

Natal Indian Congress correspondence to the members regarding the Film Festival


Is it a problem that has anything to do with students? The answer of course is yes, because apartheid involves humanity as a whole. While injustice exists everywhere in the world, it is only in South Africa that it is enshrined in the supreme law of the land.

Annual Conference of the Natal Municipal Association

Traveling expenses of Delegate

Establishment of Sectional Zones

ANC Branch Letter

Branch letter in the ANC Cape Town Branch Newsletter summarising the ANC Political Education Discussion Paper, no. 5 called 'Mass organisation is key to victory!

An open letter to the United Democratic Front (Western Cape)

Open letter from members of the ANC to the United Democratic Front in the Western Cape on the state of organisation in the region.

Acquisition and Occupation of Land. Invasion and Succession .
Acknowledgment by Alan Paton for the sum of two hundred and fifty pounds
Acknowledgment by Alan Paton for the sum of five hundred pounds
A votes (sic) of thanks to the President

Letter from the African National Congress Constitutional Committee to Oliver Tambo thanking him for the process of constitution drafting.

A Nation at Work for a Better Life 2000: the Dawn of the African Century
A Brief History of the Natal Indian Congress

History of the N.I.C.

1940s NIC correspondence Memo to Smuts


10. Statistical Information - Ownership of Fixed Property by Asiatic within City of Durban


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