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Torture is part of the system: state violence in South Africa and Namibia

ANC booklet on state violence in South Africa and Namibia.

Towards racial justice: will there be a change of heart?

This is the 31st lecture delivered by Alan Paton at the 50th Anniversary Conference of the South African Institute of Race Relations on July 3, 1979 in which the author portrays the social and political injustices in South Africa.

Travel and adventures in Eastern Africa by Nathaniel Isaacs.
United Democratic Front demands unshackle Mbeki

A booklet about the release of Govan Mbeki. On the 5th November at the age of 77 Mbeki walked free after 23 years on Robben Island.

United Democratic Front National General Council, 1985

This booklet was done after the National General Council of UDF held on the 6 - 7 April 1985.

United Democratic Front National Launch

UDF National Launch (booklet-A4 size bound)- covering Declaration, National Patriots and National Executive working Principles, Messages of support, Resolutions, Speeches to the National Rally, Biographies of Presidents and speeches, list of Organizations that registered as delegated or observers

Urban Africans and the Bantustans

This is the twenty-fourth in Hoernle Memorial Lectures delivered by Philip Mayer in which he discusses the social structures under which South Africans live in, specifically in the Eastern Cape in relation to those living in the Bantustans or homelands.

Urban Violence and the Textures of Everyday life in Post-apartheid South Africa

There is a great deal of literature on crime and violence in post-apartheid South Africa.

Veda Jyoti - No.1-39

Om bhur bhuvah swah. Tatsavitur varenyam; bhargo davasya dhimahi. Dhiyo yo nah

We are at war!

ANC illustrated booklet in five languages on the history of the liberation struggle, apartheid and the ANC.

We come of age

This is the sixth address of the Hoernle Memorial Lecture series delivered by Edgar Brookes who emphasises on the need for White South Africans to make changes to the current political sitaution of South Africa and to journey towards achieving democracy and freedom for all citizens.

We will not move: the struggle for Crossroads

A report compiled by the National Union of South African Students (NUSAS) covering the period 1975 to 1978 detailing police raids and the intended closure of Crossroads.

What can I do? A guide to action against apartheid

ANC booklet published in cooperation with the World Assembly of Youth as an appeal for assistance in the campaign for economic and diplomatic sanctions, an arms embargo and the total isolation of South Africa.

What is a constitution?

Booklet published by the African National Congress Constitutional Committee. A discussion document prepared for the Constitutional Committee of the ANC to encourage and promote discussion on the structure and content of a new, non-racial non-sexist and democratic constitution of South Africa.

White and Black nationalism, ethnicity and the future of the homelands

This is the twenty-sixth lecture in the Hoernle Memorial Lecture series delivered by Chief M Gatsha Buthelezi who addresses the future of South Africa with regards to separate development for the Blacks and establishing homelands and homeland policies.

Women without men: a study of 150 families in the Nqutu district of KwaZulu

Results of research conducted into the income, expenditure and livestock ownership of the average family settled in Bantu Homelands. The research also looks at the socio-economic impact of migrant labour on Black families and the negative effects of separate development.

Workers demand a living wage

A booklet created by the Commercial Catering and Allied Workers Union of South Africa (CCAWUSA) which explains how companies are controlled and how shareholders get money from shares. It also talks about workers demands, the increase of the wages and their rights to strike.

Zululand, 1879-1887

A History of Natal has established a place for itself as a standard work of reference in libraries, schools and homes. Now, in paperback for the first time, it becomes available to yet another generation of readers. ...


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