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1993-04-00 A Massacre of innocence: the march at Bisho, 7 September 1992
1993-10-00 The Negotiations in the Middle East and South Africa
1993-04-00 The Trotskyists of South Africa, 1932-48
1993-10-00 Women in the ANC and SWAPO: sexual abuse of young women in the ANC camps
1992-04-00 Diary
1992-04-00 Editorial: Learning the lessons of eastern Europe
1975-12-16 Future state: A BPC projection and call of the youth
1992-04-00 Rattle dem bones
1993-12-00 Stop conflict in Lesotho : NUM's 11th glorious anniversary
1975-02-00 The root of the matter: Black liberals?
1954-01-00 Why the nationalist say there is no place for mission schools
1956-09-00 " Madam chair...."
1988-01-00 "... but this is a people robbed and plundered ..."
1983-09-00 "... Is not dead and will never die"
1981-09-00 "... Our women will deal with them"
1988-12-00 "A big pot of porridge for everyone to share"
1972-11-00 "A Crisis of Faith"
1984-04-00 "A free people living in dignity is a sovereign people"
1954-12-00 "A great step forward"
1994-05-31 "A jewel out of ugliness"
15-Dec-93 "A struggle that can be waged by everyone"
1972-07-00 "A Tragic Misunderstanding"
1972-05-00 "A Tragic Report"
1982-01-00 "Act in unity and unite in action"
1988-09-00 "Action" against fraud and corruption
1989-01-00 "African" vs "Black"
1959-07-00 "Africanism" under the microscope
1987-00-00 "Albert would have rejected today's violence..." Mrs Albert Lutuli
1994-04-00 "Amnesty" can mean "amnesia"
1988-00-00 "An attack on us all"
1983-03-00 "An injury to one ..."
1983-02-00 "As far as is practicable and possible"
1984-07-00 "As we are women we must go forward"
1962-07-00 "Aurora" belongs to all mankind
1982-04-00 "Black Spots"
1982-04-00 "Black Spots" (2)
1963-09-00 "Blackspots"
1985-09-00 "Bloody Thursday"
1965-01-00 "Cheated not defeated": background to the British Guiana election
1990-12-01 "City of gold" yields to the evidence
1994-05-00 "Come to my help Lord for I`m in trouble": womanist Jesus and the mutual struggle for liberation
1961-05-00 "Concessions" by the imperialists
1982-04-00 "Congress was a great success"
1980-09-00 "Conscientious Objection: A Christian Perspective"
1981-08-01 "Council, you're taking our rent!"
1984-10-00 "Detentions a direct attack on trade unions"
1989-07-01 "Dis ons plek die," se Magopa-stam (Article written in Afrikaans)
1975-11-00 "Divided We Stand, United We Fall"
1986-00-00 "Do church leaders back violence?" - Zulu king asks
1983-03-00 "Dom pas": history of worker control
1990-06-00 "Excuse me, doctor, but your chargeslip is showing!"
1987-03-00 "Factory vrouens"
31-Aug-93 "Facts" menace dream of equality
1963-05-01 "Fighting Talk" is silenced
1981-08-01 "Ford tries to force racial split in factory"
1983-07-00 "Ghandi"
1991-06-00 "Global solidarity for women`s health" : A report on the 6th International Women and Health Meeting
1992-12-00 "God created the earth for people to live on"
15-Jul-93 "God-given" oppression upheld by tradition
15-Dec-93 "Grasp the nettle"


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