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Durban workers demonstrate

Workers demonstrate for equal employment and wage

Durban Workers Demonstrate

Workers Demonstrate

Mr JN Singh secretary of the South African Indian Congress(SAIC)

Jaydew Nasib Singh was born in South Africa about 1920 and graduated in the mid-1940s with a law degree from the University of the Witwatersrand....

DR GM Naicker President of the SAIC

Dr GM Naicker played a key role in planning a mass civil disobedience movement. The initiative was taken by the ANC and the PAC which called on Africans to revolt against the carrying of passes.

United front against Durban Group Areas Plan

Representatives of the Indian people who appeared at the Group Areas inquiry were, from the left: Dr. G. Lowen Q.C., who represented the Greyville Indian Ratepayers' Organisation; Mr. Dhanpal Naidoo, Secretary of the Greyville Ratepayers; Mr. J . N.


Father Trevor Huddleston addressing the enormous crowd which gathered in Trafalgar Square, London, to launch the boycott of South African goods.

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"•••and remember. it took us 3,000 years to build our white civilisation."

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