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Wooden Spoon

Round deep ladle with holes for straining liquids.

Walking Stick

Walking stick with bone handle, presented to H.C Lugg by Mshiyeni Zulu in 1934 as a ceremonial gift.

Knob Stick

Knob - Stick with rounded head placed at the side of the stick, presented to H.C Lugg in 1936 by Ndisheni kaNdabuko kaMpande

Pedi THree legged pot

KCAV 1567 -8 Pedi Three legged pot at Mokopane. Grossert No 1010,  1011

Three N sothi pots

KCAV 1566B Three  N. Sotho pots. Near Pietersburg Grossert No 301

N.Sotho pot with clay lion.

KCAV 1566A N. Sotho pot with lion. Adult work. Grossert No 277

Large pot

KCAV 1565  Large pot. N Sotho with Venda influence near Pietersberg . Grossert No 276

Basotho pottery

KCAV Basutho pottery. ( drinking mug) Bathokoa Tribe  Grossert No 591

Tswana woman with pots

KCAV 1563 B Tswana woman with pots. Nkeane is large pot type and Nkgo is small pot type and Nkgogo is small pot type. Mrs Nstoe. P. O.Saulsport. Grossert No 19

Clay Pots

KCAV 1563 A Clay pots made by potter at Morabeng. Tswana Grossert No 371

Clay pots

KCAV 1562 Clay pots L..P. 111 Bonsonvale( Transkei)  S. Sotho Grossert No 455

Clay Modelling

KCAV1596 Clay modelling. Khandisa. #.*.1961. Grssert No 734

Clay modelling

KCAV 1595 Clay moddelling. Khandisa. No 733

A Zulu Matron

KCAV 1591-3. AZulu Matron. Clay modelling by 10 year old girl. Emtateni Bantu School. Fired clay, Height 9 ins,

Modelled clay lion

KCAV 1594 Modelled clay lion by Philip Ndwadwe . ST Chads H.P. ( ladysmith, Natal ) Grossert No 1047

Clay head. Ndaleni Art School

Clay head. Ndaleni Art School

Clay head. Ndaleni Art School

Clay head. Ndaleni Art School

Clay figure. Ndaleni Art School.

Clay figure. Ndaleni Art School 

Clay head

Clay head. Ndaleni Art School

Clay giraffe

Clay giraffe. Ndaleni Art School, 16.11.1961


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