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" Isigqiki"

Small wooden carved headrest on two solid legs that are sitting on a straight smoothly carved wood. There are incisions on the legs.

" Ithunga"

Wooden carved milking pail with protruding incisions on the sides to maintain balance. It is known as Ithunga in IsiZulu from Ndwedwe area in KwaZulu- Natal.

'Nero and Leander'

Laminated portrait of Nero & Leander posing on the feet of the stairs.

Hottentot Men, Women and Children

Black and white scene of Hottentot men, women and children behind trees.

The Portugees vs the British

Black and white scene of a river battle between the Portugees and the British.

'Orange River'

Watercolor scene of the Orange River when it is full.

A silhoutte of a young female

Watercolor portrait of a silhouette young female.

A view of Tumes on the Coast of Barbary

Black and white scene of boats in Barbary.

'Truery: the Griqua Maid

Watercolor portrait of Truery, a Griqua maid.

'Egyptians Crocodile Catching'

Colored scene of Egyptians trying to catch a crocodile.

J. Slaber at Tweegoutyn

Black and white scene of J. Slaber at the plant action in Tweegoutyn.

Shell shaped Butter Dish

Watercolor scene of a Shell shaped butter dish with two knob legs.

'Caves of the Guanclies'

Black and white scene of the Caves of Guanclies in the Isle of Teveriff.

Adaiel Warriors

Colored abstract of the Adaiel Warriors in their regalia.

'Umakoti uthwele amadumbe'

Black and white scene of a Zulu Matron carrying yams on head.

View of Durban Bay

Water colour painting of a Durban bay view. 245x 52cm. It was donated by McWright & McKent from Evensdale Polions river, Natal.

" Basotholand: the Thabansu Mountain"

Watercolor scene of the Basutholand with view of the Mountain of Thabansu.

Horse and rides

Primitive stylized horse with blackened relief-carved ears. There is a man riding the horse.

When bad health gets you fired
Unfair dismissal guidelines on the termination of employment


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