Zulu Ceremonies

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'Abaka Makoti'

The Bride's family accompanying her to meet her in laws.

Killie Campbell Staff

Killie Campbell Staff attending Mr. Ngcobo's wedding at Umsinga.


Ms. Winters and the Campbell Collections staff attending Mr. Ngcobo's wedding.


Mr. & Mrs Ngcobo dancing Esigcawini.


Women dancing during Mr. Ngcobo's wedding.


The groom and his family ready to meet the bride and her family in 'Esigcawini'.

The Groom & the Bride

Mr & Mrs Ngcobo cutting the cake during reception of their wedding.


Elderly ladies sitting around the Bride's Kist during Mr. Ngcobo's wedding.

The Groom and his Groom's men

Mr. Ngcobo, second from the left leaving home in a traditional Zulu dance to meet his bride.


Mr. Ngcobo's bride with her matron of honor sorting out wedding gifts during her wedding.

'Groom & the Bride'

Photograph of Mr. Ngcobo and his bride in church during their wedding.


Mr. Ngcobo's birth place.


Wedding ceremonies during Mr. Ngobo's wedding at his home.


Mr. Ngcobo's mother with relatives at his home during his wedding.


People celebrating at Mr. Ngcobo's home for his wedding.


Men cooking and braiing meat on the open fire during Mr. E. Ngcobo's wedding.

'First Born'

Photograph of Mr. E. Ngcobo's first born.


A photograph of 'Itshitshi' dressed in her traditional outfit for Mr. Ephius Ngcobo's wedding.

'Ngoma Dance'

Photograph of a Ngoma Dance, a group of Zulu men perfoming the Zulu traditional dance.


Photograph of a traditional ceremony in KwaZulu- Natal. Uncles of the initiate dancing during her Umemulo.


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