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Ex parte City Durban. In re Asiatic Penetration

I am very much at a disadvantage in expressing an opinion in this case, because I have only  had 24 hours within which to do it, the problem it presents.....

Corporation of the City of Durban response to proposed Round-Table Discussion: Appointment of the Indian Affairs Advisory Sub-Committee

Further to my letter of the 13th ultimo and earlier correspondence on the above subject, I have to advise that on the recommendation of the general Purpose Committee...

Corporation of the City of Durban response on the Proposed Round Table Discussion

I thank you for your letter of the 12th instant herein.....

Proposed Round Table Conference

We are in receipt of your letter of the 30th July 1946

In reply to your letter of the 12th February 1946 we replied the same day stating, that we had appointed Dr.G.M. Naicker, Messrs M.D.Naldoo and A.I Meer

Correspondence between Natal Indian Congress and the Durban Council in connection with the City Council's proposal for Round Table Discussion

As you are no doubt aware the City Council has prepared its plan for the development of the City of Durban during the post-war period and.....

The Indian Problem in Natal

This Committee desires to convey to the Right Honourable the Prime Minister its thanks for the opportunity thus afforded for submitting its views.The protection given by the" Pegging" Act (No.

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