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Tracing the roots of resistance
SAYCO: now just a phone call away
Statement by rural organisations

Statement by rural organisations as they attack Le Grange's law because it will be used to stop meeting of the youth, teargas, sjambok, kill people, detain people for no apparent reason, shoot people at random and strengthen apartheid.

Youth women organise
June 16: South Africa's Youth Day

Speakers notes for the 12th anniversary of June 16th, 1976. Examines the significance of the day, the enemy reaction, the responsibility of the youth, and the duty of the liberation alliance.

Opening Address to the First Conference of the Society of Young Africa

Opening Address to the First Conference of the Society of Young Africa.

Kimberley schoolboys held illegally say lawyers
Youth, workers are working together
Book review: youth in crisis
Welverdiend spells death: a story of overkill
The Killing fields of Southern Africa
General political situation East Rand Report

Report from African National Congress East Rand underground and covers Westville Youth League, civics organisation and August 1984 elections.

Facts about the current situation in South Africa and what is to be done

African National Congress report on the current situation in South Africa and how to respond. Examines the South African regime, the Black Consciousness Movement, the African National Congress struggle, role of youth, students and teachers, the ANC and newly banned organisations and Inkatha.

How the Violence Affects the Youth in the Townships
The Comrades
Permanent Organisers Department SASO Leadership Training Programmes: Black Youth Groups and Schools

Programme and motivation for leadership training amongst Black youth Groups and schools

Press cuttings-repression of youth

Article on repression of youth regarding repression of students in 1984 as over 50 students were detained, an article on Sowetan regarding fun run to launch the International year of the youth in Soweto that has been organised by a community organisation in the same month, an artilcle on Sowetan

The Ndola Declaration
Challenges on the future of the African youth in the church today: the peace challenge to South Africa
PCR Conference - WCC: the youth speak out


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