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The harnessing of mass anger
The Comrades

N.I.C. Documents

Telegram by YC Meer SAIC formation 1946


Sundry Correspondence


Summary of the Commission Report on Education

Summary of N.I.C. Conference

Stealing youths from the working classes
Statement of the South Indian Congress Delegation Viscount Wavell

His excellency field marshall the right honourable......

Statement of the SAIC to the members of the United Nations

Statemen tof the South African Indian Congress to the members of the United Nations

Statement by rural organisations

Statement by rural organisations as they attack Le Grange's law because it will be used to stop meeting of the youth, teargas, sjambok, kill people, detain people for no apparent reason, shoot people at random and strengthen apartheid.

Sport Centre

Sport Centre building

Speech : SAIC : Presidential Address delivered by Hajee A S Kajee at the opening of the conference at Durban re : UNO, Franchise, Housing, Licences

South African Indian Congress Conference

South Indian Congress – Reply of the South African Indian Congress to the memorandum submitted by the Government of the Union of South Africa on subject of the Indian Question document

Reply of the SAIC.....

South African Politics - loose items
South African Indian Congress Resolution - February/July 1946

South African Indian Congress. Resolutions passed at the.......

South African Indian Congress Policy in the Future

Policy in the South African Indian Congress in the future

South African Indian Congress Immigrants regulation bill 1953

Immigrants Regulation Bill

South African Indian Congress deputation and representation

Matters arising from minutes

South African Indian Congress Conference held in Durban on the 17th, 18th and 19th September 1948

This Eighteenth session of the South African Indian Congress meets only a few months after the holding of the General.....

South African Indian Congress 16th session held at The Gandhi Hall Johannesburg, Transvaal

SAIC resolution passed at the 16th session.......


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