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Beaded and Wooden Necklace

Beaded and wooden necklace.

Tribal Life: Xhosa Girls

Two Xhosa girls carrying pumpkins on their heads and corn on their waists.

Tribal Life: Xhosa Woman

Xhosa woman with a smoking pipe, while carrying chickens on her head.


Xhosa women carrying wood on their heads, with cows on the background.

'Threshing Sorghum'

Xhosa women from Transkei threshing surghum after harvest.

Letter from Peter Brown to M A Mkize
Beaded Shoulder Band

Blue beaded shoulder bands.

Beaded Shoulder Band

Pink and black beaded shoulder band.

Beaded Choker

Colorful beaded choker.

Beaded Necklace

White beaded necklace.

Beaded Necklace

Blue beaded necklace with green, white and rd beads on the patch.

Beaded Pin

Blue and white beaded blanket pin.

"Baya eTekwini"

"Baya eTekwini"


Notes on Rubusana
Notes on Ntsikana
Notes on Soga
Notes on Ntsikana
Notes on Hintsa
Notes on Mqhayi
Notes on Nongqause


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