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wood carved figure

KCAV 1459 wood carved figure. Ndaleni Art School. Grossert no  827.

wood carving of horse

KCAV 1461 wood carving of horse. Ndaleni Art school. Grossert no 829.

Wood carved figure group

KCAV 1462 wood carved figure group.Ndaleni Art School. Grossert no 830.

wood carved figure

KCAV1463 Wood Carved Figure by Elijah Zwane. Ndaleni Art School.Grossert no 838.

Wood carved mother and child

KCAV 1464 wood carved mother and child by Daniel Mohapi. Ndaleni  Art School. Grossert no 948.

Wood carving of figure back and front views.

KCAV 1454 and 1455 Wood carving of figure back and front views. By Martha Mahlangu..

Wood carving of man and snake

KCAV 1453 wood carvin of man and snake by Absalom Eichab. Ndaleni Art School. GRossert no 549.

School boys doing craftwork outdoors


Caption for photograph: Knife Work
Description: Early twentieth-century.


Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2)

File 6 (KCM 91/2/6)

Sheet 21



Group of wooden carved figures

KCAV 1452 Group of wooden carved figureby Cyprian Ramosime.  Ndaleni art school. Grossert no 545.

Wood carving

KCAV 1489 Wood carving from Maria Trost Grossert no 817

Curved wood crucufix

KCAV 1488 Carved wood crucifix. Student work from Lumko Mission (Transkei) Grossert No 502

Curved wooden crucifix

KCAV 1486 and 1487 Wood curved crucifix by Albert Ndlovu at Lumko Mission.

Carved wooden crucifix

KCAV 1485 Carved wooden crucifix. Marianhill Art School/Exhibition

Carved wooedn bird

KCAV 1484 carved wooden bird. MarianArt School/ EXhibition.

Carved wooden staff

KCAV 1483 Carved wooden staff. Marianhill Art School/ Exhibition.

Curved wood figure

KCAV 1481 Carved wood figure. Mariannhill Art school/ Exhibition.

Carved figure carrying sheep on shoulders.

KCAV 1479 and 1480 Carved figure carring sheep on shoulders. Marrinhill Art  School.

Carved wooden spoon

KCAV 1355Carved spoon from African Museum Johannesburg. Grossert no 607.

Carved wooden spoon

KCAV 1354 Carved wooden spoon. No information given by Grossert.

Carved wooden spoon

KCAV 1353 Carved wooden spoon. No information given by Grossert.


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