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Speak Number 40 June 1992
Oppression makes women ill

Women's heatth depends a lot on their living conditions. The truth is says Khosi Xaba, oppression makes you ill. The question is: can oppression be prevented?

A force that can't be ignored

Aida Santos has been a women's activist in the Phillipines for many years .When she visited South Africa, she told Thoraya Pandy about the achievements of Filipino women

Speak Number 49 May 1993
Speak Number 39 May 1992
Speak Number 58 March 1994
Speak March 1993
Speak March 1988
Speak Number 14 March-May 1987
Speak Number 5 March 1984
Speak Number 61 June 1994
Speak Number 50 June 1993
Speak Number 57 February 1994
Speak Number 57 February 1994
Speak is everywhere
Getting to know our bodies
Speak Number 10 February-April 1986
Women on the right track

Athletics is becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. But men steal most of the limelight while women remain in the shadows. Cheryl Roberts looks at why so few black women toke part in athletics

Meet the chief

Angelina Ribebe is the traditional leader of the Sambiyu people in the Kavango in Namibia



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