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Why I Write
University Report: BBC African Service, no. 147, 1971
Notes on Ngoyi
Women's Cultural group

Women's Cultural Group - Rhonda Dylisse, Pupil of the World-famous Ramgopal

'Sammy and Mary' go to goal : Indian women and South African politics in the 1940's

A woman should never be independent. Her father has authority over her in childhood, her husband has authority over her in youth, and in her old age her son has authority over her. (Laws of Manu, Tharpar, 1963:473)

The Glory of Indian Womanhood

FROM time immemorial Sita, Savitri, Damayanti, Nalayani, Anasuya, and Draupadi have been regarded as sacred ~deals of Indian Womanhood as they are sublime and exemplary- characters who have exalted womanhood to the height of divine perfection.....

The Changing role of Indian women in South Africa


BBC African Radiotape Service, no. 95
Arts and Africa: BBC African Service, no. 140
Gender, Citizenship and Power The Westcliff Flats Residents Association

The post-apartheid period has witnessed a mushrooming of activity by civic organizations in South Africa. This paper focuses on a group of women in Westcliff, Chatsworth, who have been persevering against difficult odds over the past two decades.

Gender, modernity & Indian delights: the women's cultural group of Durban, 1954-2010

For decades, South Africans aspiring to make the perfect biryani have turned to Indian Delights, the best selling cookbook produced by Zuleikha Mayat and the Women's Cultural Group.

Extracts from debate on Women's suffrage
A woman and two girls standing outdoors


Unlabelled photograph

Description:  Two young girls standing outdoors by a horse and a donkey.  At the side of the picture is a woman who appears to be wearing a sari.  



Randles family papers (KCM 92/11) ;

File 4 ;

Page 6b


Women carrying babies on their backs


Unlabelled photograph

A man and woman posing for a photograph


Unlabelled photograph


Ramseyer/ Kruger family papers (KCM 96/2) ;

File 28 ;

Page 14a



Three women posing for a photograph, Lesotho


Handwritten label on page, by a Campbell Collections' archivist: "Mofumahali Mamazilenka" "Dist Bosthaboshe Belo" "Basutoland"


Ramseyer/ Kruger family papers (KCM 96/2) ;

File 28 ;

Page 12a


Women carrying water/ beer pots

Women carrying water

Women time, 1995

Women time

An elderly woman and a young woman standing by a dirt road, Umbumbulu


Caption for photograph: Grandma & child.  Imbumbulu

A group of women and children standing outside two traditional huts


General caption on page: Home Life
Description: Early twentieth-century.  Two of the women are wearing traditional dress, and one woman is wearing western dress and head-covering.


Karl Robert Brueckner papers (KCM 91/2)

File 6 (KCM 91/2/6)


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