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Mistimed Angolan quarrels

The Mbari Conference of African writers in English was held at Makerere College, Uganda under the auspices of the Mbari Writers' Club of Ibadan, Nigeria and the Congress for Cultural Freedom, Paris, from 8 to 17 June 1962.

Remarks by the Secretary-General at informal consultations in the Security Concil today ,(Namibia), Monday, 3 April 1989

A report read to the United Nations Security Council by the Secretary-General regarding the insurgence of SWAPO troops from Angola into Namibia and the increasing number of casualities involved. Includes a telex communication.

Planning for Peoples War

Memorandum by Jack and Ray Simons summarising comments made by a comrade in Botswana regarding preparing for a peoples war.

Editorial: A call for courage
Boycott as a political weapon
Letter from Neville Curtis, NUSAS, to Dear Sir

Letter stating the opposition of the National Union of South African Students to the supply of arms to South Africa and giving reasons for this stance.

Learn with Dawn: You too countryman, can be a freedom fighter
Learn with Dawn - you too countrymen, can be a freedom fighter
Straight talk
I speak my mind
The politics of the man is decisive
The militarisation of the South African regime: Part 2
The most successful rifle ever designed
Zambezi took a share
A message from the Administrator-General of Namibia and the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations to all SWAPO personnel

Circular from the Administrator-General of Namibia to SWAPO soldiers to lay down their weapons and return to Angola giving them an undertaking of safety if they return to Namibia peacefully.

No revolution round the corner
The Sekhukhuneland terror
Britain and South Africa
Bonn - Pretoria Axis

On December 16th, 1965 (the then Dingane's Day), Pieter Botha, as Defence Minister in the South African White minority government, announced loudly that South Africa possessed a 'secret weapon'.


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