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Views of Natal: 1853

Watercolor scene of Natal in 1853.

Views in Natal:1844- 1853

Watercolor scene of tranquil river with two figure enjoying the view.

'Biggers Berg'

Watercolor scene of Biggars Berg in 1852.

View of part of Sally Port Gaxe Bridge.

Watercolor view of Sally Port Gaxe Bridge with people  crossing.

View of the entrance of False Bay

Watercolor scene of False Bay with people fishing.

Scene of a Waterfall and figures.

Watercolor scene of waterfalls and figures sitting and enjoying the view.

Snow covered kraal

Watercolor scene of a kraal covered in snow with cattle in the foreground.

Traditional Healer working with Lightning

Watercolor portrait of a traditional healer outside his hut working with lightning.

'Jackson Dlamini: Mfengu'

Watercolor portrait of Jackson Dlamini a Mfengu man from the Eastern Cape.

Unmarried Girl:Phondoland

Watercolor portrait of an unmarried Phondoland girl from Libode in Eastern Cape.

'Nofinishi Dayile: Xhosa'

Watercolor portrait of a traditional doctor, Nofinishi Dayile from the Eastern Cape.

Maternity Apron: Amangwane

Watercolor portrait of a pregnant lady wearing her maternity apron from Amangwane in Drakensburg.

Engaged girl: Bhaca

Watercolor portrait of an engaged girl from AmaBhaca in Richmond, KwaZulu- Natal.


Watercolor portrait of Barbara Tyrrell's friend Banukile from Richmond.

Bhaca Betrothed Girl

Watercolor portrait of a  Bhaca betrothed girl from Richmond in KwaZulu- Natal.

Bhaca married Woman

Watercolor portrait of a married Bhaca woman at a Costume Gala in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal.

Arum Lily

Watercolor scene of Arum Lily Flower.

Blue Africander

Watercolor scene of a Blue Africander.

Brown Africander

Watercolor scene of Brown Africander flower.

Two white roses in a bowl

Watercolor scene of roses in a vase sitting on a table.


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