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Catching the Bull

Watercolor scene of men herding the bull to the kraal for the 'First fruit ceremony'. The painting is part of a series.

Christian Black Woman

Watercolor portrait of a Christian black woman carrying a baby on her back.

Church on Sunday

Watercolor scene of a Church with people going in and out on a Sunday.

Country scene with two figures

Watercolor scene of Country with two human figures walking on a path.

Country Town

Watercolor scene of houses in a country town.

Dick King's House

Watercolor scene of Dick King's house at Isiphingo in KwaZulu- Natal.

Dick King's House (B)

Watercolor scene of Dick King's house from a driveway and gate view at Isiphongo in KwaZulu- Natal.

Driving the Bull into the kraal

Watercolor painting of men driving the bull into the kraal, to be a sacrificial offering for the 'First fruit ritual' (Series).

Durban Bay

Watercolor scene of the Durban Bay.

Durban Bay View

Watercolor scene of Durban Bay from Glebe view.

Durban Bay: Bluff & Jetty

Watercolor scene of boats in the Bluff with the light house behind.

Durban Bay: Bluff Harbor

Watercolor scene of boats at the Bluff Harbor.

Engaged girl: Bhaca

Watercolor portrait of an engaged girl from AmaBhaca in Richmond, KwaZulu- Natal.

Engaged girl: Hlubi

Watercolor portrait of a young engaged woman from Nquthu in KwaZulu- Natal.

Farm with Houses

Watercolor scene of a farm with houses and mountains on the background.

Father and Sone: Horseride

Watercolor scene of a Zulu man teaching his son how to ride a horse.

First Fruit

Watercolor scene of men and women celebrating the first fruit ceremony.

First fruit ceremony: Bhaca Women

Watercolor scene of Bhaca women attending the first fruit ceremony.


Watercolor scene of flowers.

Four Birds of Natal: Amethyst

Watercolor scene of one of four of the birds of Natal, sitting on a flower. It is called the Amethyst, the sun bird of Natal.


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