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'Udokotela Kololo'

Watercolor poster of a black mother and her children, title 'Udokotela Kololo uzoshumayela ngezingane'


Watercolor portrtait of an old African woman, Ugogo.


Watercolor scene of two Bhaca women plaiting their hair.


Watercolor abstract of Dick King's other house called Umzimbithi at Isiphingo in KwaZulu- Natal.

'Witch Doctor from Inanda'

Watercolor portrait of a witch/ traditional doctor from Inanda in KwaZulu- Natal.

'Wreck of the waterloo convict ship'

Watercolor scene of a ship sailing on the shore with mountains on the background.

'Wreck of the waterloo convict ship'

Watercolor scene of the ship: Wreck of the Waterloo Convicts.

A Farm in Natal

Watercolor scene of a farm in Natal, with a figure, animals and mountains in the background.

A Royal Durban Ranger

Watercolor  scene of a Ranger in Durban.

A silhoutte of a young female

Watercolor portrait of a silhouette young female.

A Zulu girl babysitting

Watercolor scene of a young Zulu girl carrying a baby on her back.

Arum Lily

Watercolor scene of Arum Lily Flower.

Baby beig stung by Bees

Watercolor portrait of a baby being stung by bees.

Bhaca Betrothed Girl

Watercolor portrait of a  Bhaca betrothed girl from Richmond in KwaZulu- Natal.

Bhaca Man & a Woman

A landscape scene of a Bhaca man chatting with a woman on a field with a clay pot on her head.

Bhaca married Woman

Watercolor portrait of a married Bhaca woman at a Costume Gala in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal.

Bhaca Woman

Watercolor portrait of a Bhaca woman with grass plaited hair.

Blue Africander

Watercolor scene of a Blue Africander.

Brown Africander

Watercolor scene of Brown Africander flower.

Camp and Officer's house in Point Road

Watercolor scene of a camp and the officer's house at Point road in Durban, 1850.


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