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Watercolor scene of Rusternburg.

"The Runner"

Watercolor scene of a man carrying a twig, shield and assegai walking on a path. This painting is part of ' The first fruit ritual' series.


Watercolor portrait of a Xhosa young man after his initiation period, from Transkei.

' A Farm'

Watercolor scene of a farm.

' A Horse'

Wtercolor scene of a brown horse.

' A White house'

Watercolor scene of a white house behind trees and flowers.

'A Zulu Kafir'

Watercolor  portrait of a Zulu man with a loin cloth and holding a stick.


Watercolor portrait of Barbara Tyrrell's friend Banukile from Richmond.

'Biggers Berg'

Watercolor scene of Biggars Berg in 1852.


Black and white scene of a forest in South Africa.

'Fort Napier: Invisible Figure'

Watercolor scene of Fort Napier with an invisisible figure on the background,

'Inkosi uMpande'

Watercolor scene of King Mpande on his throne with his subjects.

'Inkosi uShaka'

Watercolor portrait of King Shaka,standing on top of a hill.

'Isandlwana Mission Station'

Watercolor scene of Isandlwana Mission Station in Zululand, 1880.


Watercolor images of ear plugs made out ivory.

'Jabulile Ngcobo'

Watercolor portrait of Jabulile Ngcobo from Inanda in KwaZulu- Natal.

'Jackson Dlamini: Mfengu'

Watercolor portrait of Jackson Dlamini a Mfengu man from the Eastern Cape.

'Kaffir Boom Granule'

Watercolor abstract of a South African Flower.

'Khwetha Boy: Final stage'

Watercolor portrait of a Xhosa initiate sitting on a rock,from Transkei.

'King Fisher'

Watercolor scene of two King Fisher Birds sitting on a branch of a tree.


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