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View of a road in a Country Town

Colorful scene of a road in country town with trees along it.

Unmarried Girl:Phondoland

Watercolor portrait of an unmarried Phondoland girl from Libode in Eastern Cape.

Two women walking on a country road

Watercolor scene of two women walking on a country road carrying pots on their heads.

Two white roses in a bowl

Watercolor scene of roses in a vase sitting on a table.

Two Sisters from NewCastle

Watercolor painting of Rosa Hope and two Sisters doing some artwork in a studio at the University of Natal, Department of Fine Arts.

Two merry Zulu Men

Watercolor scene of two merry Zulu men, one playing an accordion while one is dancing with his stick and shield.

Tug- Boat

Watercolor scene of a boat in the ocean.

Tribes- Man from Northern Transvaal

Watercolor portrait of a Tribes- Man from Transvaal near Louis Trachardt.

Traditional Healer working with Lightning

Watercolor portrait of a traditional healer outside his hut working with lightning.

Three Zulu Woman

Watercolor scene of three Zulu Woman, one sitting on the ground and two standing.

Three Zulu meeting

Watercolor scene of three Zulu men sitting and chatting around the fire at night.

Three Bhaca Girls

Watercolor portrait of three Bhaca Girls wearing traditional Bhaca costumes.

The point Natal from West

Watercolor view of Port Natal taken from the west in 1851.

Spanish scene with three figures

Watercolor scene of Spanish with three human figures chatting.

Snow covered kraal

Watercolor scene of a kraal covered in snow with cattle in the foreground.

Skill life

Watercolor scene of fruits in plate.

Sialing Ship in Choppy

Watercolor scene of a sailing ship in Choppy.

Shell shaped Butter Dish

Watercolor scene of a Shell shaped butter dish with two knob legs.

Scene of a Waterfall and figures.

Watercolor scene of waterfalls and figures sitting and enjoying the view.

Sailing ship in rough waters

Watercolor scene of ship sailing in rough water.


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