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Three Zulu Woman

Watercolor scene of three Zulu Woman, one sitting on the ground and two standing.

Traditional Healer working with Lightning

Watercolor portrait of a traditional healer outside his hut working with lightning.

Tribes- Man from Northern Transvaal

Watercolor portrait of a Tribes- Man from Transvaal near Louis Trachardt.

Tug- Boat

Watercolor scene of a boat in the ocean.

Two merry Zulu Men

Watercolor scene of two merry Zulu men, one playing an accordion while one is dancing with his stick and shield.

Two Sisters from NewCastle

Watercolor painting of Rosa Hope and two Sisters doing some artwork in a studio at the University of Natal, Department of Fine Arts.

Two white roses in a bowl

Watercolor scene of roses in a vase sitting on a table.

Two women walking on a country road

Watercolor scene of two women walking on a country road carrying pots on their heads.

Unmarried Girl:Phondoland

Watercolor portrait of an unmarried Phondoland girl from Libode in Eastern Cape.

View of a road in a Country Town

Colorful scene of a road in country town with trees along it.

View of Durban Bay

Watercolor scene of the Durban View.

View of Durban Bay 1888

Watercolor scene of a view of Durban Bay in 1888.

View of Durban from the Grebe Verandah

Watercolor scene of the view of Durban Bay taken from the Grebe Verandah.

View of part of Sally Port Gaxe Bridge.

Watercolor view of Sally Port Gaxe Bridge with people  crossing.

View of the entrance of False Bay

Watercolor scene of False Bay with people fishing.

Views in Natal: Captain Grantham

Watercolor scene of Captain Grantham nearly killed by a wounded Buffalo.

Views in Natal: Country scene of a Horse

Watercolor scene of a horse with a man and mountains on the background.

Views in Natal: The Battlefield field of the Boers and the Zulus

Watercolor scene of Battlefield where the Boers and the Zulus fought in 1838 looking over the Blood River.

Views in Natal:1844- 1853

Watercolor scene of tranquil river with two figure enjoying the view.

Views in Natal:1844- 1853 (B)

Watercolor scene of Natal Views of 1844-1853 showing waterfalls.


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