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First fruit ceremony: Bhaca Women

Watercolor scene of Bhaca women attending the first fruit ceremony.


Watercolor scene of flowers.

Four Birds of Natal: Amethyst

Watercolor scene of one of four of the birds of Natal, sitting on a flower. It is called the Amethyst, the sun bird of Natal.

Four Birds of Natal: Wagtail

Watercolor scene of one of the four birds of Natal standing on a stone. It is called a wagtail.

Four Birds of Natal: Wagtail

Watercolor scene of the 'Four birds of Natal, the Wagtail.

Gate- post with pot on top.

Watercolor scene of a gate with a pot on top with trees in the background.

Girl looking at the sea

Watercolor portrait of a young lady looking at the sea

Harbour Scene

Watercolor scene of the Durban Harbour.

Harbour Scene: Durban Bay

Watercolor scen of the Durban Bay with the City in the background.

Hlubi Matron: Mother Apron

Watercolor portrait of a Hlubi Matron wearing her Mother Apron from Nquthu in KwaZulu- Natal.

House on the hill

Watercolor scene of a white house on a hill.

Hout Bay 1934

Watercolor scene of Hout Bay in 1934.

Initiation Costume

Watercolor portrait of an Initiate wearing his initiation costume, from Idutywa in Transkei.

Maternity Apron: Amangwane

Watercolor portrait of a pregnant lady wearing her maternity apron from Amangwane in Drakensburg.

Medicine Man

Watercolor portrait of a Zulu Traditional healer.

Mucklenuek Garden

Watercolor scene of the Garden of Mucklenuek( Campbell Collections).

Natal from the Sea

Watercolor scene of Natal from a sea view.

Nine scenes of small paintings

Nine watercolor scenes of a landscape framed together.

Port Natal from Congela

Watercolor scene of Port Natal, Congella in 1850. Huts, people and trees can be seen.

Port Natal on the Pietermaritzburg Road

Black and white scene of Port Natal from a Pietermaritzburg road view.


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