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Arum Lily

Watercolor scene of Arum Lily Flower.

Bhaca Betrothed Girl

Watercolor portrait of a  Bhaca betrothed girl from Richmond in KwaZulu- Natal.

Bhaca married Woman

Watercolor portrait of a married Bhaca woman at a Costume Gala in Richmond, KwaZulu-Natal.

Bhaca Woman

Watercolor portrait of a Bhaca woman with grass plaited hair.

Blue Africander

Watercolor scene of a Blue Africander.

Brown Africander

Watercolor scene of Brown Africander flower.

Camp and Officer's house in Point Road

Watercolor scene of a camp and the officer's house at Point road in Durban, 1850.

Catching the Bull

Watercolor scene of men herding the bull to the kraal for the 'First fruit ceremony'. The painting is part of a series.

Church on Sunday

Watercolor scene of a Church with people going in and out on a Sunday.

Country scene with two figures

Watercolor scene of Country with two human figures walking on a path.

Country Town

Watercolor scene of houses in a country town.

Dick King's House

Watercolor scene of Dick King's house at Isiphingo in KwaZulu- Natal.

Dick King's House (B)

Watercolor scene of Dick King's house from a driveway and gate view at Isiphongo in KwaZulu- Natal.

Driving the Bull into the kraal

Watercolor painting of men driving the bull into the kraal, to be a sacrificial offering for the 'First fruit ritual' (Series).

Durban Bay: Bluff & Jetty

Watercolor scene of boats in the Bluff with the light house behind.

Durban Bay: Bluff Harbor

Watercolor scene of boats at the Bluff Harbor.

Engaged girl: Bhaca

Watercolor portrait of an engaged girl from AmaBhaca in Richmond, KwaZulu- Natal.

Engaged girl: Hlubi

Watercolor portrait of a young engaged woman from Nquthu in KwaZulu- Natal.

Farm with Houses

Watercolor scene of a farm with houses and mountains on the background.

Father and Sone: Horseride

Watercolor scene of a Zulu man teaching his son how to ride a horse.


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