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Views in Natal:Itoli Mountains.

Watercolor scene of Itoli Mountains with Carts, tents and human figures at the bottom.

Dick King's House

Watercolor scene of Dick King's house at Isiphingo in KwaZulu- Natal.

Scene of a Waterfall and figures.

Watercolor scene of waterfalls and figures sitting and enjoying the view.


Watercolor scene of a Village in Rhodesia which is now called Zimbabwe.

'Marriageable Age'

Watercolor portrait of young woman at a marriageable stage, from Nquthu in KwaZulu- Natal.

Portrait of a Peasant girl

Watercolor portrait of an Italian peasant girl.


Black and white scene of a forest in South Africa.

Harbour Scene: Durban Bay

Watercolor scen of the Durban Bay with the City in the background.

'Inkosi uMpande'

Watercolor scene of King Mpande on his throne with his subjects.

Father and Son: Horseride

Watercolor scene of a Zulu man teaching his son how to ride a horse.

A Boer's Homestead

Watercolor scene of a Boer's homestead.

"Preety girls Tree"

Watercolor scene of a tree called 'Preety girl tree".

Berlin Station

Watercolor scene of Berlin station.

Berlin Mission

Another view of Berlin mission.

Berlin Mission

Watercolor scene of Berlin Mission station and Magistracy.

'The Howick fall '

Watercolor scene of the Howick fall.

The Light house in Bluff

Watercolor scene of the Light house in bluff.

"Fort Napier"

Watercolor scene of Fort Napier in 1868.

"The Bluff: Durban"

Watercolor scene of Bluff, Durban in 1868.

Pietermaritzburg-23 November 1862

Watercolor view of Pietermaritzburg in 1862.


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