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Landscape scene of cattle

Colorful landscape scene of two small boys driving a herd of cattle on the field.

Landscape scene of a river

Landscape scene of a river with a woman carrying wood on her head.

Letter A: ox wagon

Watercolor series of letters, Letter A with an ox wagon on the background.

Letter A

Watercolor series of letters, letter A with a Zulu man in the background.

Zulu man hunting

Watercolor scene of a Zulu man holding a stick while hunting next to a river.

'Night scene; two huts'

Watercolor of a night scene of two huts in between trees.

Two Bhaca Women

Two Bhaca women carrying waterpots, travelling on a country road. Different color.

'Two Bhaca Woman'

Two Bhaca women carying water pots and travelling on a country raod.

"Man carrying a hoe"

Watercolor scene of a man carrying a hoe on his back.

'European Couple'

Watercolor of Europain couple.

'Night Scene'

Watercolor scene of three young men hitting out veld fire with tree branches.

"Night Scene"

Watercolor scene  of three men sitting around fire at night.


Black and white scene of a forest in South Africa.

"Bantu outside a cave in a forest"

Black and white scene of African outside a cave in a forest.

Durban Bay View

Watercolor scene of Durban Bay from Glebe view.

Natal Sea

Watercolor scene of Natal.

Durban Bay

Watercolor scene of the Durban Bay.

Point Road

Watercolor scene of camp,  offices and houses on point road

Port Natal from Seaview

Watercolor scene of Port Natal.

Three Zulu meeting

Watercolor scene of three Zulu men sitting and chatting around the fire at night.


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