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Black and white scene of a forest in South Africa.

"Bantu outside a cave in a forest"

Black and white scene of African outside a cave in a forest.

Durban Bay View

Watercolor scene of Durban Bay from Glebe view.

Natal Sea

Watercolor scene of Natal.

Durban Bay

Watercolor scene of the Durban Bay.

Point Road

Watercolor scene of camp,  offices and houses on point road

Port Natal from Seaview

Watercolor scene of Port Natal.

Three Zulu meeting

Watercolor scene of three Zulu men sitting and chatting around the fire at night.


Watercolor scene of two Bhaca women plaiting their hair.


Watercolor portrtait of an old African woman, Ugogo.

'Udokotela Kololo'

Watercolor poster of a black mother and her children, title 'Udokotela Kololo uzoshumayela ngezingane'

Baby beig stung by Bees

Watercolor portrait of a baby being stung by bees.

Portrait of a white man

Watercolor portrait of an white man dressed in a suit and tie.

Two women walking on a country road

Watercolor scene of two women walking on a country road carrying pots on their heads.


Watercolor image of a Zulu man  in traditional clothes, carrying a bundle over his shoulder walking on a long country road.

Two merry Zulu Men

Watercolor scene of two merry Zulu men, one playing an accordion while one is dancing with his stick and shield.

'Nhliziyo eyingcwele ka Jesu'

Watercolor image of a sacred heart titled 'Nhliziyo kaJesu engcwele sihawukele'.

'Nhliziyo engcwele ka Jesu'

Watercolor image of a sacred heart, titled' Nhliziyo engcwele kaJesu sihawukele'.

Bhaca Man & a Woman

A landscape scene of a Bhaca man chatting with a woman on a field with a clay pot on her head.

Three Bhaca Girls

Watercolor portrait of three Bhaca Girls wearing traditional Bhaca costumes.


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