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FOSATU salutes workers of the East Rand

The workers at Salcast, Hendler and Hendler (H and H), Bisonboard Colgate, Langeberg, Kellog's Plant protection, Reef Chemical and Telephone Manufacturers of SA (Temsa) all downed tools during July and August.

Forward with the struggle for a living wage: 9 - 30 August 1987, 21 days that rocked the chamber
Fire in the mine
Fighting Talk Volume 15 Number 8 September 1961

Fighting Talk - a monthly journal for democrats in Southern Africa

Fattis and Monis strike

Pamphlet issued by the Catholic Students Society at Witwatersrand University in July 1979 supporting workers from Fattis nd Monis, on strike for higher wages and better working conditions.

Facts 2: Covering The Wages Commissions: how they started

Fact sheet giving information about the origin, purpose and activities of the Wages Commissions which had been established on the five campuses affiliated to the National Union of South African Students.

Factory news

Some pages of this article may be illegible due to the quality of the original.

Equal pay for equal work in French West Africa
Editorial: The Strikes
Editorial: Student and Worker
East London Advice Office Annual Report 1975 to 1976

East London Advice Office Annual Report to National Conference on 16 March 1976 discussing case statistics, wages, marriage birth and death certificates, housing.

Earnings: the state must intervene


Drought hits workers` wages
Deregulation will pave the way to exploitation
Death strikes as miners face bullets, batons and teargas
Council workers in pay dispute
COSATU`s first-ever wage policy workshop
Cosatu's Living Wage Campaign must be built


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