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Katleho ea basebetsi ditherisanong le RPM (article written in Sotho language)
Job market press cuttings
It is time to cut profits

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Produced by the "Wages Commission", Isisebenzi was a newspaper for workers in Durban and Pietermaritzburg. It was published about once a month and dealt with all matters of interest to workers, especially with their struggle for just wages and the right to organise. Isisebenzi No.

Industrial decentralization, jobs and wages
Indian Opinion Vol.56 No.42 Oct 1958
How our workers committee helped us
Highest wage in FOSATU
Has South Africa gone fascist?
Grassroots Volume 5 Number 3 April 1984

A non-profit community newsletter.

Grahamstown Advice Office Report for 1975

Grahamstown Advice Office Annual Report to National Conference on 16 March 1976 discussing residence laws, migrant labour problem, forced removals, wage disputes, employment, unemployment, pensions and grants, families and marital problems, housing.

Good news Venda civil servants!!!
Gear Growth Employment and Redistribution press cuttings
Frame blames low wages on blacks' poor productivity
FOSATU salutes workers of the East Rand

The workers at Salcast, Hendler and Hendler (H and H), Bisonboard Colgate, Langeberg, Kellog's Plant protection, Reef Chemical and Telephone Manufacturers of SA (Temsa) all downed tools during July and August.

Forward with the struggle for a living wage: 9 - 30 August 1987, 21 days that rocked the chamber
Fire in the mine
Fighting Talk Volume 15 Number 8 September 1961

Fighting Talk - a monthly journal for democrats in Southern Africa


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