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After reaching a deadlock and having to go to arbitration the FOSATU affiliate Western Province Motor Assembly Workers Union and Leyland reached a new agreement covering the Cape plants.

Working on the mines is no picnic!

During the first six months of this year, more than 100 000 miners have taken strike action over wages, bad and unsafe working conditions and the harassment of shaft stewards.

FOSATU salutes workers of the East Rand

The workers at Salcast, Hendler and Hendler (H and H), Bisonboard Colgate, Langeberg, Kellog's Plant protection, Reef Chemical and Telephone Manufacturers of SA (Temsa) all downed tools during July and August.

Workers demand a share of "the rain" which falls at Suncrush even during the drought
Metal workers push for higher wages after IC sell out
NAAWU slams employers` plan to "erode" wages
Fighting Talk Volume 15 Number 8 September 1961

Fighting Talk - a monthly journal for democrats in Southern Africa

Trial of strength
Miners square up for a battle for a living wage
Unions to form council to cover SAB factories
Deregulation will pave the way to exploitation
Campaign for jobs or living benefits - NUWW
Cosatu's Living Wage Campaign must be built
"No!" to the wage freeze
Under attack
Regions - COSATU cracks CP
NUM and NUMSA: a tale of two congresses
CAWU continues to spread its influence
LRA/Living Wage Conference decisions and recommendations
Our wages must go up more than prices


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